Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Vanilla semolina puddings with cinnamon & raspberry compote

Although the dust has long since settled; crinkled fragments of wrapping paper torn in excitement have been thrown away, and the fallen Scrabble bocks and Jenga bricks, previously used to pass time from last year to this one have returned to their rightful boxes, I have not yet managed to 'return to schedule.'

Hubby went back to work on the 2nd of January, I however, have chosen to languor in the house, in cotton maxi-dresses, ordering groceries online so that I don't have to drive my car and actually do something. The chores still get done, eventually, but I am having trouble letting go of my holiday laziness. On the positive side, I have managed to do a lot of reading, napping and television watching, all of which get neglected when I am working and being 'productive'. On the downside, my physical appearance has taken a bit of a downturn and I am a little, dare I say it, bored.

This morning I decided that today would be my last day of nothingness - tomorrow I shall be 'back to work' at my computer, staring at stockmarket charts with my dog sleeping happily at my feet. I sometimes get stuck in my office, eyes glued to the screen, which diminshes the time I have to make soemthing to eat and most often this leads to grabbing 1-minute or less snacks such as nuts, fruit, muesli bars, crackers, chocolate etc - not excatly filling or super nutritious food to last me an entire day.
So I set aside an hour today to prepare tomorrow's snacking menu. Seeing as though I had time, I thought I'd make something today to spoil myself with tomorrow, and nothing helps me relax as much as eating semolina; a childhood favourite.

This recipe which include raspberries, a Summer favourite, looked perfect, and I could make enough to  help myself to seconds as well as share some with family.

ease: 5/5.
prep time: 2mins to get milk mixture and raspberry compote on the stove.
cooking time: 16mins to cook semolina and put into pots (add more time if you wants yours chilled).
total: 18mins.

taste: 4/5. I tried these both hot from the stove and chilled from the fridge - I much preferred the oatmel-esque comfort the hot and steamy variety gave me - when chilled its flavour is dulled and the texture too gelatinous. When warm, the vanilla flecked innocent, creamy semolina is corrupted wonderfully by the punchy, vibrant raspberries. Without the gutsy raspberries it would be too timid for my palate. Together they form a yin-yang of deliciousness.
I added one teaspoon of cinnamon to the semolina and it gave it only the slightest hint of woody-warmness.
It was also a little sweet for me so next time I would decrease the sugar by 20g or so.
I would also double the amount of raspberry compote as by the time I had reached the lower third of my glass they ruby fruit was gone and it became a little banal.
I also had to add an extra 4 tablespoons of semolina to thicken it up.
Whilst I loved this, hubby couldn't eat more than a spoonful as he doesn't like the texture of semolina, poor thing never got to experience its greatness as a child, and now cannot warm to it as an adult - so more for me:).

would I make it again: Yes.

recipe: Semolina puddings with cinnamon and raspberry compote


  1. I love the idea of setting aside time to make tomorrows "snacking menu"!

  2. A lovely dessert! Nice choice of flavors and ingredients!



  3. Really lovely styling and photographs. I love the idea of the texture of semolina in a sweet pudding, too!