Friday, March 26, 2010

Oatmeal, fig & walnut bars

Taken straight out of the oven - once cooled the bar and filling firm up.
I find it rather fitting that Autumn is upon us; most days I feel like a crimson leaf with sunburned edges separated from my branch, incessantly blown about by the wind, hoping to land amongst the springy grass and rest, if just for a moment.

During all of my whirling and twirling and floating about I haven't stopped to enjoy this season; as if a movie I have been waiting to see is finally on television, and instead of sitting down to enjoy it, I am too busy vacuuming the house when in all honesty, IT CAN WAIT.

Today, there were plenty of things that needed to be done, but I thought it more important to my mental health that they wait until tomorrow. Because I'd much rather spend today humming along to uplifting French music whilst I knead butter and oats together with my fingertips and happily gaze upon the rainbow lorikeets swaying on the plum tree's branches than tick tasks off a bloody list.

I am aware that when my husband asks what I did today, it won't sound like much to him, but to me, it will have been a day well spent.

ease: 5/5.
prep time: 40mins (includes cooling time).
cooking time: 25mins.
total: 1hour & 5mins.

taste: 3.5/5. Patience pays off.

Do NOT eat these hot or even warm, they are much too fickle and the components simply do not play together. These are best when cooled in the fridge and have firmed up to make one cohesive bar.

Despite reducing the sugar slightly these were too sweet for me - I should have known the figs sweetness would be plenty enough, in hindsight, I would only add 1 or 2 tbs sugar to the fig mixture. I used 1cup of brown sugar for the oat crust which was plenty.

The oat-to-fig ratio is spot on, with the jammy centre balanced by the crumbly oats and the crunchy walnuts.

Overall this was just too sweet for me and more fig than I can handle (I can't handle much).

would I make it again: No - I prefer muesli bars when I am aiming for a healthier sweet treat.

recipe: Oatmeal, Fig, and Walnut Bars


  1. Healthy and delicious bars!



  2. These look sooo gorgeous! :)

    I just posted some healthy granola type bars too!

  3. your commentary is always so poetic and eloquent. what a great read, and what nifty bars. have you shared your muesli bars with us? if not, do tell!

  4. Actually I have not shared the muesli bars with you even though I make them every single week for my husbands lunch box...I shall have to put them up soon :)

  5. In the last year, I've developed a love of figs, including dried ones. These look hearty and delicious. You should definitely spend your days in whatever way makes you the happiest. The one you describe sounds perfect to me.