Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mustard lamb with rosemary potatoes & peas

*Apologies for the long absence, I have been experiencing technical difficulties with me camera and have chose to ignore rather than address them - I will be getting it fixed this week though, and once it's working well again I will return to regular posting.*

Lately I have felt like a wilting flower; head hung tiredly low, listless and weary. I believe the bout of humidity we have been having is largely to blame, as I am not made to flourish in either humid nor damp weather, it simply depletes me.

But I should not complain about Melbourne's weather when those in Queensland are battling mammoth floods following years of drought - it seems the sky decided to catch up on the lack of rain over years in the space of a few days. My thoughts are with them.

This meal is one of the few I have made this past week, ordering in has been the most favourable option for us at the moment. But I am glad I braved the heat of the kitchen to prepare this for my husband and is friend, as it was greatly received and appreciated.

Mustard Lamb with Rosemary Potatoes
adapted from No Time To Cook by Donna Hay
serves 2

35g butter
600g baby chat potatoes, thickly sliced
3/4 cup vegetable stock (originally 1/2cup beef) 
1tbs rosemary leaves
3/4 cup frozen peas
400g lamb backstrap
2.5 tbs seed mustard (originally 2tbs)
1tbs brown sugar 

Heat butter in fry pan over medium heat. Add potatoes, stock and rosemary.Cover and cook for 15mins. Add peas and cook for a further 4 minutes or until potatoes are tender. Remove from pan and keep warm.
Wipe pan and place over medium-high heat. Spread lamb with combined mustard and sugar. Cook for 4minutes each side. Slice lamb and serve with vegetables.

ease: 5/5.
prep time: 7mins.
cooking time: 15mins.
total: 22mins.

taste: 4.5/5. What meat and potatoes can really be.

The boys loved the lamb, especially the contrast between the sweetness and savoury heat. The potatoes were robust with gorgeous savoury depth from the stock that paired beautifully with the sweetness from the peas.

would I make it again: Yes.


  1. A delicious looking dish! Mustard is a great ingredient.



  2. I adore Donna Hay. And your photo is enough to make me run to the store and gather ingredients! Nothing wrong with that camera that I can see.
    Great job with the dish.

  3. I feel like we all, across Australia, would love some moderate temperatures. Not humid and sticky, not raining and cold... just some pleasant summer weather! *sigh*

    Love the look of this. Rosemary is always wonderful in roasts :)

  4. Welcome back! Hope you get your camera fixed soon. I've also been hearing about the floods and all the poor people affected are in my thoughts, too.

  5. mustard! rosemary taters! peas! this dish has all kinds of tasty components--it's an ideal meal, to be sure. :)

  6. Looks delicious! I love those potatoes - they look awesome!

    It's pretty humid out here in Sydney too, so I know how you feel full well my dear. Sorry I won't get to see you this trip, but if you're in my part of the world again you must let me know and I'll take you out for a good meal ;)

    Jax x

  7. This looks lovely. I love mustard with red meat. I will bookmark this recipe, thanks!
    Heidi xo