Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Egg in the basket

Some mornings find me with fresh eyes and a spring in my step, others have to beat through the cobweb of sleep with fists of savage sunshine and splashes of water so cold that I can feel each pore contract with a shiver. Today I was not only woken by sharp rays of light but also by my child's tiny hands as they kindly, and exuberantly, slapped me awake...and then slapped me some more for good measure. It's days like these I need a 'pick-me-up' breakfast; something cheerful, filling and most of all EASY.

My great-grandmother hailed from Britain, and this meal was something she made for my mother, and in turn, what my mother made for me. We refer to it as Egg in the basket, but I think it's more commonly known as Egg in a hole. I attempted to use my artistic licence by creating a heart-shaped hole, however my generously sized eggs overflowed and hid the heart beneath their egg-white hems.

To make this simple dish a little more 'top drawer', I sprinkled it with truffle salt which is, in my opinion, truly meant to be paired with the humble egg.

(For a gluten-free dish use gluten-free bread, pictured above is wholemeal sourdough spelt).


  1. I think I need some truffle salt in my egg-loving life :)
    Heidi xo

  2. My Mum and Grandmother used to make me egg in a hole too...along with boiled egg with toast soilders. They were my two favourite things to eat when growing up. But with your addition of truffle salt, I think I am going to have revive these old favourites. :D

    I hope you and your precious bundle of joy are both doing well :D

  3. Gorgeous and great idea to include truffle salt. I can't help but smile at imagining your baby waking you really know how to tell you what they want, eh? :)

  4. I've never seen truffle salt. I'm going to have to try find some!

  5. Now that is my kind of breakfast. Truffle salt makes everything better.

  6. We call this frog in a hole! I think there are many names. I know these mornings well. Despite being sleep deprived, I do love being woken up by my favorite little person. Always ready to start a new day :)
    The truffle salt sounds so special!

  7. Aww! I love this recipe! reminds me of childhood days :)