Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mushroom, spinach & feta pies

As the gossamer morning light drapes over me I find tiny hands sprawled across my chest as eyes the colour of the Milky Way, and just as vast in their depth, slowly open to stare into my mine. The silence between us is filled with wonder and curiosity; I kiss the tips of her fingers whilst the flickers of light and shadow catch her eye, transfixing her to their fluttering dance. I do not know for how many ticks of the clock we lie silently together, as we are both content to exist in our stillness. Time has lost all linear structure and instead falls together in pieces. Moments of sleep. Moments of play. Moments of nourishment. Each moment its own individual world. And each just as precious.

Although my body has mended enough to allow me freedom of movement, I find it harder to gather enough minutes together to be able to cook or bake. It seems even in her sleep, my Valentine notices my absence and wakes from her slumber to call for me. I could swaddle her in a sling close to my chest whilst I cook, but I don't feel comfortable having her so close to open flames and scalding water, so instead I am choosing meals with short preps or steps that can be paused to allow for cuddles or feeds in between until I can find larger blocks of time to spend solo in the kitchen.

ease: 4.5/5.
prep time: 20mins.
cooking time: 25mins.
total: 45mins.

taste: 4/5. Moorishly good.
These golden puffed and flaky parcels with their belly of meaty, flavoursome mushrooms, creamily salty feta and mineral-esque spinach satisfy even the canine tooth of a carnivore. I practically inhaled two within minutes. Simple yet suitably satisfying.

I increased the feta to 100g.

would I make it again: Yes, quick and tasty.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New arrival

On Monday 5th September at 3:27pm we welcomed our beautiful daughter


into the world in the peacefulness of our home.
She weighed 7lb 2oz (3.26kg) and made every second of my 34hour labour worth it.

Unfortunately on her way out she dislocated my coccyx bone so my recovery is taking a little longer than expected. But I have no doubt that soon enough I shall be back in the kitchen baking up a storm, this time with my daughter by my side. Xxx