Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Black Pepper Scotch Fillet with Nutmeg Butter Spinach & Mash

At 4pm today I had to turn on the lights just to see my hands - it is getting much too dark much too early. The combination of dark rooms and muggy weather drains all of my energy. Sitting on the couch with a good book and cup of hot chocolate is pretty much all I want to do for the next 3 months. But my tummy is rumbling and I feel like some heavy, warm, carbo-loaded food. So naturally I'm making mashed potato (Sebago & Spunta are best) - with Nutmeg Butter Spinach for nutrition, and a big fat juicy steak for my meat loving fiance.

Some Facts About NUTMEG:
  • Ground nutmeg is smoked in India.
  • In amounts of 10-40 g (~4-8 teaspoons) it is a mild to medium hallucinogen, producing visual distortions and a mild euphoria.
  • Nutmeg oil is used for rhuematic pain and, like clove oil, can be applied as an emergency treatment to dull toothache.
  • At one time, nutmeg was one of the most valuable spices. It has been said that in England, several hundred years ago, a few nutmeg nuts could be sold for enough money to enable financial independence for life.
Ease: 4/5. (I am only scoring the spinach). Prep took all of 5 mins to wash and get the nutmeg and butter. Prep: 5mins. Cooking Time: 10mins all up. TOTAL: 15mins.

Taste: 2/5.
I didn't hate it - but the partnership of nutmeg and spinach just didn't do anything for me, wasn't palatable at all and after frying in the butter the spinach was quite watery.. First time I haven't eaten all of my spinach - I MUCH prefer to put the spinach in a pan with some olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper.

Would I make again: NO.
What I prefer is not only tastier, but I only cook the spinach once.

Recipe here:

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