Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tuna & macaroni bake

Tuna in, tuna out. Tonight's dish was a last minute substitute. I had another dish meant for this evening, but upon a second look it no longer seemed appetising (hard boiled eggs, no pasta). I have made this particular dish before, it was liked but not overly so. Second time around I have limited the mustard (the most noted dislike previously) and increased the cheese (I have a cheese loving family).

ease: 5/5. prep time: 15mins to cook pasta and make sauce.
cooking time: 20mins.
total: 35mins.

taste: 3.5/5. Not bad, perhaps too much onion. I reduced the mustard to 1tsp which was enough for the boys. It definitely needs more tuna and perhaps cheese sprinkled on the top.

would I make it again: No - perhaps there is a better tuna bake recipe out there.


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