Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Butterscotch apple cake

I awoke to the soft whirring of the ducted heating, beginning its first shift to warm the house. I touch my icy nose, a reminder that it is no longer summer.

It is not long before I hear the soft padded feet prancing towards my room to wake me for breakfast. Greeted by wet kisses and doggie breath I turn to my partner, still clinging to the last few minutes of sleep as I wrap myself in clothing to serve up breakfast for bipeds and quadrupeds alike.

Stepping outside onto dew covered wood I wade through morning mist to scatter seeds into bird feeders and to unlock the squeaky gate to allow Yoshi entry to our dampened garden. The mornings are always cold, and most often wet. Socks, knits and sometimes scarves are needed, however, the afternoon heralds the next Act. Sunshine evaporates all droplets of water and bestows a gentle heat upon my head. I find myself shedding layers like a rose drops its petals. It is during these bright afternoons that I like to do my baking most.

Gazing at the leaves burning red and pale ochre leads me to think of perhaps Autumn's signature fruit, the apple. Without knowing I have planned two dishes for this week that both seem to include gingerbread spices, it could be that Autumn subconsciously causes me to crave ginger, cinnamon, allspice, cloves and nutmeg.

ease: 4/5. A little time consuming.
prep time: 30mins. I included making both the cake batter and butterscotch sauce.
cooking time: 1hour.
total: 1hour & 30mins.

taste: 2.5/5. This was overwhelmingly sweet for me, my mouth was filled with blood-sugar spiking butterscotch sauce and brown sugar. Unfortunately the apple was not only sunken (if anyone knows why the apples didn't remain clearly visible as the original recipe shows, please let me know) but it was lost in a sea of sugar. Everyone had around three tablespoons followed by glasses of water, such a shame.

would I make it again: No - much too sweet and sugary for me.

recipe: http://gourmettraveller.com.au/butterscotch_apple_spice_cake.htm


  1. I usually don't enjoy desserts that are too sweet either.... your photos are absolutely beautiful though!

  2. Oh wow, I am lost for words. The cake looks absolutely, absolutely decadent. I have to bookmark this for sure. BTW your pictures are great.

  3. Although it was too sweet, girl you sure did present it beautiful!!!

    I have a recipe for a caramelized apple cake I came up with when I was younger that is just the right balance of sweet and tart!

  4. If you coat any fruit lightly in flour before adding to a batter, and make sure you add the coated fruit as the final step, the fruit should hold up to the batter and not sink. :')

  5. To Chocolate Shavings and Jo thanks for the compliments :)

    To Jennifer - did you ever post your caramel apple recipe? I'd love to check it out.

    To Meg, thanks for the tip, I shall try it out next time.

  6. They look really good though. Even though they were sweet, its good for when your really craving something sugary

  7. Too sweet or not, this cake is gorgeous. :)