Friday, June 18, 2010

Chocolate & hazelnut meringue kisses

Time is like a butterfly; chase it and it eludes you, sit still and rest and it will flutter and linger on your skin.
When we need more time there is never enough. On the other hand, on idle days spent sitting in each moment without haste, time slows to the flow of glue rather than sand and you find you have more time than you could possibly use. Some weeks speed past in the space of one yawn whilst others seem to drag behind you, slow to catch up.

This week is the former. I feel as though Friday has been sprung on me like a distant relative knocking on your door, unannounced, and in need of accommodation - I am not quite prepared and a little put out. I suddenly found myself with too many balls to juggle and simply not enough limbs.With May's leftover birthdays spilling into June I find my weekends are gone before they even come and am left trying to find a midweek moment to catch up on weekend rest.

So that is what I did yesterday - relaxed, read and baked to my heart's content like I would on a Sunday. And that is how Thursday became Thunday.

ease: 4.5/5.
prep time: 18mins.
cooking time: 50mins.
total: 1hour & 8mins.

taste: 4/5. We stand divided.

Whilst these reminded me of the bliss that is Nutella, all chocolate and hazelnuts, I didn't think they were anything special, ok and a little addictive, but nothing that had me moaning mmmmm.
R on the other hand could not get enough. He devoured almost 50 of these little bites within three days and then demanded I make more. I think he has found his crack... As he rated these 5/5 and I 3/5 I settled on 4. I should point out that others also liked them, L though not as much as R.

The first batch I made were similar to the originals, but the second batch (the ones you see above) I added a little more cocoa to get a bigger chocolate flavour, they also were a little chewier which I liked.

would I make it again: Yes - I already made them twice in one week due to spousal peer pressure...

recipe: Chocolate & hazelnut meringue kisses


  1. What lovely meringue kisses!



  2. Oh my goodness, I can tell that I am definitely going to lean towards 5/5 on these!

  3. I love chocolate and hazelnut so I would probably give them a 5. They sound really delicious!

  4. Twice in one week - wow, you must be high on your please-the-spouse radar!:) they look gorgeous, and I lvoe your photos!

    Would you consider sending this in for the Magic Bullet contest/giveaway on my blog? they'd be perfect for the event!

  5. thunday. ha. what you've described is pretty much my ideal day as well. lovely little cookies. :)

  6. Lovin' Thunday and lovin' the idea of these with a bit of chew. I wonder how well they keep?

  7. Everything with cocoa or chocolate is definitely heaven....hahaha

  8. Lovely chocolate meringue kisses. More chocolate makes anything better, good call.

    Be Well...

  9. I don't like hazelnuts but I love chocolates! ..Still, I love meringue kisses!..yum! yum! yum!