Sunday, June 6, 2010

Haloumi, dill & zucchini fritters

I spoke too soon.

Winter came down on us all heavy with eerie fog and unrelenting rains. We woke with frosted noses and breath that billowed and misted before us. The cold was so crisp we dared not speak should our voices shatter its chill. The only way to stop Winter from freezing us solid was to wrap ourselves in a thousand layers of woolen knits and feather doonas.

Spindled like a caterpillar in a cocoon I could only bring one hand out into the icy air to feed myself, therefore finger food was the winning choice for days too cold to eat two-handed food.

I didn't expect much from the humble fritter but I was unexpectedly pleased with these delicate morsels; eaten until the central heating made it possible to come out of hibernation in search of larger cutlery-required meals.

ease: 4/5. 
prep time: 11mins.
cooking time: 16mins. 4mins per side.
total: 27mins.

taste: 3.5/5. Good for a zucchini fritter.

I have had a lot of trouble with fritters in the past, mostly due to their tendency to fall apart once they hit the hot oil. These somehow miraculously remained intact.

The zucchini added a cool, subtly grassy flavour that helped to tone down the saltiness of the squeaky haloumi and acidity of the lemon. The dill added a wonderful flavour and the texture overall was quite pleasant. They weren't show stoppers but we did all help ourselves to two or three during dinner.

Despite squeezing as hard as I could, I found that whilst the first fritters were frying some zucchini liquid had pooled in the remaining batter. My step-mother told me her trick is to grate the zucchini the night before and place it in a bowl so that the next morning all of the liquid has pooled and you merely tip it out and use the drained zucchini.

I omitted the spring onions.

Would I make it again: Yes unless I find a better zucchini fritter recipe.

recipe: Haloumi, dill & zucchini fritters


  1. Fabulous! Those fritters must taste great. Very summery.



  2. I wonder if the fact that haloumi doesn't melt like other cheeses had anything to do with how your fritters held together?
    I use Ina Garten's recipe which is similar in flavor, but adds eggs and flour.
    I think I like yours better!

  3. Love the zucchini fritters. The photos really came out great.

    Amazing how different the weather could be, where I live we are in an oppresive summer.


  4. I agree with Barbara, I think the fact that the haloumi doesn't melt as much definitely helped keep these yummy looking fritters intact. I loooove haloumi, my absolute fave cheese. Never thought to use it in a fritter though- what a great idea. Love the squeak. Hehe.

  5. beautiful photos, really inviting to give this recipe a try....haloumi, ricotta, dill and zucchini together... sounds really delicious. Perfect comfort food for those cold days you will have ahead.

  6. fine and fabulous fritters! i don't believe i've ever had a bad fritter--they're still amazing even if they've fallen apart. :) the haloumi is an interesting addition, but here's hoping you find an even better recipe and soon. :)

  7. I love that photo! Haloumi in those fritters seems like a lovely addition.

  8. I love zucchini cakes, fritters, patties, they are all good. Especially if you add cheese like ricotta.

  9. Those fritters look like they would be a perfect summer snack too!

  10. Ooo I hate the cold. I'm glad you found a way to keep yourself as warm as possible with these! They look like the perfect treat...for summer or winter.

  11. These look just perfect. I want a big serving right now.

    I have the solution to eating and keeping warm, eat while under the doonah cover! Yes, you will do more laundry, but you'll be warm and have a full all round!