Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rhubarb, rose & pistachio dessert

 And Spring arose on the garden fair,
Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere;
And each flower and herb on Earth's dark breast
rose from the dreams of its wintry rest.
Percy Bysshe Shelley, "The Sensitive Plant"

The beginning of Spring is like the first chord struck during a theatre performance; No matter what conversation you are in or what you are doing, when that first note is heard everyone is thrust into a hushed awe. And that is how the Spring flowers bloom. One morning you awake and they are simply there, stunning you into silence with their unexpected beauty. My favourite of all the flowers that awaken one September morning are the blossoms. Be it cherry, plum or pear they all cheer me equally with their paper thin fragility in hues of pink, snow white or apricot blushes.

Each morning I tiptoe into the crisp air, still tinged with Winter's icy kiss, and soak up every petal in every shade, knowing that soon they will give in to the honey words of the wind and fly away to dance their last until next September, their scene replaced by October's act.

The changing of a season reminds me to savour those fruits still lingering from last, like the glossed stalks of Rhubarb, each a different shade of crimson or magenta with their leafy emerald tops, soon to fade from farmers stalls. You should come to expect at the ending of one season and beginning of another to be showered with posts featuring one or two fruits, or even vegetables. Rhubarb will no doubt feature more than once this coming week as I hurry to savour its taste. That's the glory of seasonality, nothing gets old.

Now you must excuse me, it seems this morning's two hour glucose blood test marathon has finally caught up to me, and I'm feeling rather faint much like most of the female characters in Victorian classics tend to do on an hourly basis. This sweet treat will surely speed my recovery :).

ease: 4.5/5.
prep time: 3mins.
cooking time: 12mins cook and rest.
total: 15mins.

taste: 3.5/5 - texture troubles.

As you all know, I recently joined to the rhubarb club and was quite enjoying my membership. I love the way it tangs and tarts in such a sweet manner, and I also adore the way it collapses beneath my spoon after its stewing.
In this dish I liked the following:
the combination of rose, rhubarb and pistachio, truly a terrific trio in the making. The yoghurt added a clean palate to the dish without offering competing flavours.

What I didn't like:
The texture. I'm not sure why but the rhubarb mixture left an incredibly chalky after-texture that I did not care for at all.
Whilst the flavour was good, the texture was too off-putting for me and I wouldn't even have a clue as to why it was chalky.

recipe: Rosewater rhubarb dessert

would I make it again: No - the texture ruined it.


  1. I adore rosewater. I use it in cakes, biscuits and chocolates. It is such a shame about the texture otherwise this looks divine.!

  2. Aw, that's such a shame! It looks like such a beautiful dessert (even to someone who doesn't love rosewater). Stupid texture! :P

  3. A delightful combination! Those look divine.



  4. It is such a stunning looking dessert!
    I loved hearing about your morning ritual - tip toeing out to savour the blossom :)
    I will miss rhubarb dearly as the season changes...
    Heidi xo

  5. You know what? As beautiful as this is (and it is indeed beautiful) the little strands of rhubarb at the bottom of the dessert are totally weirding me out. They look like little worms floating in deliciousness, and that kinda makes me feel all squirmy inside.

    Interesting that the texture was weird and chalky, too - it's just so gorgeous! Gorgeous things should taste good. I know, it's wishful thinking, but they just should. I blame the worms.

    Jax x

  6. Gorgeous colors! Too bad the texture didn't work out, but I wonder if it had something to do with the particular batch of rhubarb if you've liked stewed rhubarb elsewhere?

  7. Such a gorgeous dessert with beautiful colors. Looking at the 1st photo I thought you had used some form of thin noodles but I guess that the rhubarb cooked down. hmmm... bummer that the texture didn't pan out

  8. What a pretty and so delightfully girly dessert. I feel like dressing up to eat one of these. ;)

  9. i got kicked out of the rhubarb club--i didn't pay my dues. :)

  10. That's so bad that the texture doesn't work. I actually think it's because of the rhubarb when it cooks down?

    It looks so beautiful though!

  11. I love rhubarb! It's a shame about the texture, but it still looks divine!

  12. I've never tried rhubarb! Must consider picking some up one day...

  13. Oh bugger, it looks so gorgeous.
    I love the way you write by the way, you have a beautiful turn of phrase.

  14. Your photos are truly exquisite!

  15. Try using kefir here. you can buy it Whole Foods or make your own out of milk