Wednesday, September 22, 2010

White chocolate, honey & goat's milk tarts

I awoke to a lilac glow gracefully stretching her ballerina legs through the part in the curtain. Only the corner of the room shimmered in the pre-dawn light, the rest remained untouched in their sullen grey. I rubbed the dream-sleep from my eyes and deftly snatched my phone, I have always been able to transition from sleep to a functional waking state within seconds of my awakening, unlike my husband who remains in a hazy trance until lunch time...

The clock flashed 6:03am, nine minutes until dawn was expected to arrive. I turned to my beloved, his mouth slightly open, his face frozen in a dream somewhere, some-place. It's wonderful to watch people in this restful state, between worlds, the seriousness and weight of being an adult hidden away. I always stare in wonder at how innocent and child-like my husband seems when he slumbers. I almost prefer him this way...

I touched his face tenderly with the back of my index finger, tracing the contour of his cheek bone. His eyelashes fluttered briefly from my caress but it did not interrupt his repose. I slid out of the bed and slipped on my robe to stop the morning chill from piercing my warmth with its cold tendrils. After feeding the birds, who seemed to have risen even earlier than I, most likely in their quest to catch the worm, I searched for something to make my husband. I wanted it to be akin to dreaming, to make his transition to alertness gentler. If I had to choose a food that symbolised the Land of Nod it would have to be milk and honey; as comforting as sleep's embrace.

The image of this dish alone spoke softly of children's dreams and feather-light kisses. And so this is what my dearest awoke to...

ease: 4/5.
prep time: 1 hour & 30mins.
cooking time: 35mins.
total: 2 hours & 5mins.

taste: 3/5. For the sweet tooths.

There was no tart nor tang nor deep chocolate depth to break up the silky sweetness of the honey, milk and white chocolate trio. Although they offered different shades of sweetness, it was all too 'one note' for me; I need some discord to add interest.

Flavour aside the texture was wonderful and the crust added the perfect 'toughness' for the delicateness of the dish.

would I make it again: No - too 'goodie goodie' for me I am afraid.

recipe: White chocolate, honey & goat's milk tarts


  1. Those tartlets look divine! That is one wonderful combo. So flavorful. I love that honeycomb one the top of the tartlets, mmmhhh!



  2. What a beautiful post, although it makes me, an always-single girl, feel a bit bereft...

  3. This was so beautiful to read :) It made me tear up, being away from my man this week. You are so sweet, I hope he appreciated this gentle transition. Lovely :)

  4. hmm the photos are gorgeous but from the ingredients I can see it would be all sweet. Perhaps using goat cheese in the filling would bring in a break in the sweet note..

    P.S: loved the post! so sweet of you. U and I are alike in the fast acceleration from sleep part and my hub and urs are same too.. only I am anything BUT a morning person :)

  5. I like the look of this dish and the just the mention of th eflavours is enough for me to fall face first into this. Looks great. Maybe im too goodie goodie.... Yumm!

  6. I love your writing, you know. You really know how to paint a picture.

    I agree with what Asha said - white chocolate, honey AND goat's milk? Super sweet! Maybe a little bitter dark chocolate to break up the sweetness, perhaps a little spice? That'd be interesting. Beautiful photos as always though ;)

    Jax x

  7. Beautiful photos- this looks and sounds delicious!

  8. Beautiful story. Like you, I love watching my boyfriend while he's asleep and love he looks child-like, sweet and innocent. It's a beautiful thing, and I've recently discovered he does the same with me, he lays next to me and watches. I think thats true love when to are so enraptured in the little things.....

    Anyway, the tart looks divine. I love the fresh honeycomb on top. Beautiful and I bet your husband was most impressed.

  9. What a beautiful post. Unfortunately for me my parter is a light sleeper and i rarely get to watch him in such state.

  10. Such beauty, both in these tartlets and your wonderful storytelling. Too bad the taste didn't wow. I'm the same as you though, and crave some tang or something more...moreish :). Maybe serve it with some sour cream, Greek yogurt, or creme fraiche instead of regular cream?

  11. for such a good looking tart I'm surprised it didn't get backed up in flavour! I love the description of your husband sleeping, unfortunately Daz looks like a drooling drunk when he's sleeping, and even worse when alcohol is introduced!

  12. That was a sweet post!
    But what I want to ask is this: did HE like it?

  13. The honeycomb is totally doing it for me. So fancy!

  14. i can certainly see where you're coming from, desiring more than just sweetness. me, i don't mind a mouthful of sugar. :)