Monday, October 25, 2010

Browned butter pizookie

My eyes slowly fluttered open, casting a hazy glance towards the clock. Upon seeing a 5 I allowed my lids to close and drifted off into a dreamless, heavy sleep. A little too heavy. The next time I glanced at my clock it read eleven. ELEVEN. I jumped out of bed faster than Superman and managed to get ready, vacuum the house AND make two dozen cookies in less than an hour. Pretty decent indeed.

The first stop was a friend's house where I spent hours laughing with them and smiling incessantly at their 8month old son (it amazes me how genuine and pure babie's smiles are) whilst sipping Chamomile tea and munching on said-24-chocolate chip cookies.

The second stop was a quick visit to my mother-in-law for a chat, a few games of Angry Birds and a another cup of tea.

Then it was a pit-stop at home for a dress change before heading out to meet my family at a local Thai restaurant for my Grandmother's 73rd birthday where we chowed down on Sweet & Sour Pork, Pad Pak and super delicious banana fritters and sticky black rice puddings.

Despite our super packed day, once we changed into our tracksuit pants and put our feet up I felt like a supper cookie snack, but more than a just cookie. And that's where this recipe came in and more than satisfied that craving. What are some of your post dinner cravings?

ease: 4.5/5.
prep time: 25mins.
cooking time: 15mins for three ramekins.
total: 40mins.

taste: 4/5. For lovers of cookie-dough deliciousness.

This was sweet and salty with oozy chocolate and fluffy cookie-ness - a ramekin full of soft, fudgy, crumbly, crunchy and oh so very yummy goodness.

Needless to say everyone enjoyed these, though be warned, a small serving still satisfies whilst a larger serving may cause a tummy ache.

would I make it again: Yes.

recipe: Browned butter pizookie


  1. Cookie in a ramekin!!! what an idea!! Love the photos

  2. Gorgeous shots! Sounds like a wonderfully full day, and I'm so glad you guys enjoyed it. You're definitely right that a little goes a long way XD.

  3. Such a jam-packed day with a sleep-in to boot! Fabulous! Nothing better than sharing cookies with friends and sipping tea. This looks delicious. Post dinner cravings usually involve chocolate. Self-saucing pudding...mmmm
    Heidi xo

  4. I want to dive into the ramekin, pull the crust over my head, and eat it from the inside out. And then do it all over again, every day. This looks AMAZING.

  5. Wow, cookie in a ramekin, sounds divine!!!

  6. That sounds and looks devilishly good!



  7. cheese and post dinner cravings :)

    but I would definitely go for this deliciously looking pizookie, too :)

  8. How did the pizookie get it's name? It sounds like a genius idea to me: your description has me drooling at the thought of one :)

  9. awesome. there is NOTHING about this that doesn't excite me. chocolate! pecans! woohoo! :)

  10. Oh MY Goodness ! The description is just sensational. Im almost about to eat the screen. How fantastic. How naughty and totally my style! Yummy!

  11. wow, that looks great, super nutty which I really love. I'm seriously impressed with your ability to clean and cook all those cookies in an hour! I need some time management tips from you!