Friday, April 15, 2011

Pavlova roulade with lychee, banana & passionfruit cream

It seems I gloated too soon...

No sooner had the words 'we haven't been ill for almost three years' left my lips when quite suddenly my husband, and then I, fell ill. Him with a mild cold, and myself with Sinusitis; an old foe of mine. This time around we chose to battle our sicknesses naturally rather than with Western medicine. And as it turned out, instead of taking two weeks on antibiotics like before, I was able to best my old nemesis in less than a week armed with only good nutrition and plenty of rest (mainly composed of reading and napping). During this time I painfully abstained from sugar and dairy in an effort to help my body heal as quickly as possible.

Now that the spring in my step has returned and my cheeks have a healthy blush, I decided I could once again foray into the realm of sugar and dairy. And with some egg-whites calling out to be re-born I thought there couldn't be anything better than a lovely pavlova with fruit from Summer's end.

ease: 4/5.
prep time: 35mins (includes baking and cooling)
chilling time: 1hour.
total: 1 hour & 35mins.

taste: 4/5. Old Pav rolls with the tropics.

Marshmallow-y pavlova with its soft sweetness was perfectly paired with the tang of the voluptuous passionfruit cream alongside the tropical lychee and creamy banana. Yum.

would I make it again: Yes.



  1. A divine dessert! Gorgeous flavors.



  2. I love the way you've plated up the dessert. Gorgeous presentation. Yum!

  3. Omgggggg so good. I think it would've taken me an hour just to do the pavolva... hahaha.

    Love your site! Your photos are fantastic! Subscribing :D

  4. What a delicious treat to reward yourself after being ill! It looks fantastic, really really gorgeous!

  5. gorgeous dessert and beautifully plated!

  6. Very interesting to stop eating sugar and dairy to help your body heal. I should try that! Glad you're feeling better not the least because it's led you to share this utterly lovely pavlova with us. Love lychee and passionfruit especially!

  7. Your blog is interesting, has left a great impression.
    Best wishes

  8. I've always wanted to make a meringue roulade! This looks wonderful! Such a pretty presentation. Love the combo of fruits too. Perfect summer dessert!

  9. Oooh sinusitis, poor thing that's tough. Glad you're feeling better! I am not a huge fan of pavlova. How very un-Australian of me. I want to be, though, this looks absolutely stunning. Love the addition of lychees to the dish, so fresh!
    Heidi xo

  10. boo--sorry you're not feeling well! that's a stinker, but dang, this is a fancy and exotic twist on pavlova. nice work!