Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cinnamon & banana cookies

A radiant cerulean blue sky peeking through sauntering watercolour grey clouds drapes a cool calmness around me.

If I had to chose one thing about my new home that I am most grateful for, it would be the windows. In my lounge room there are seven large windows that overlook my dew-ladden green garden, a bounty of large trees with a plethora of leaves, and the beautiful sky. I am closet to tranquility when I am sitting comfortably on my couch, cuddling a cushion, whilst I gaze through glass and watch clouds drift across the 'wild blue yonder'.

In Winter I like to substitute the pillow for a mug of hot tea and a cookie...or three.

ease: 5/5.

prep time:
cooking time: 18mins.
total: 33mins.

taste: 3/5. I felt as though these cookies were aspiring to be cakes, but with little hope of doing so. The fresh banana became mushy and tasted out of place against the crumbly oat and crunchy banana chip. Perhaps baked into mini cakes these would have been nicer, but as a cookie they just didn't cut it. The cinnamon is also barely noticeable. I made 24 small cookies.

would I make it again: No. Everyone thought they were average - 'nothing special'.

recipe: cinnamon and banana cookies

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  1. Sorry they werent great! Sounds good though! beautiful pics!