Monday, November 9, 2009

Halfway cookies

The wind softly moved through the house like the soft hushing shake of a maraca. The rhythmic noise began to lull me into a calm trance as I sat in my sarong, beneath the cool licks of the air conditioner.

There is a new play in town, a one man show, with the Sun as it's star. It will be playing all week, from 6am til the moon closes it down at 9pm each night. Even while the Sun rests up for tomorrow's show, everyone will be talking about it all night long as they kick off the sheets in their sweat coated sleep.

During the day as I pick individual cherries from a box of cerise jewels I am asked my opinion on this show, 'Man, that sun is strong ain't it?' or 'How about that heat?'. It seems the Sun, who has played its role harsh and fierce, doesn't have many fans. Most are looking forward to the plays end on Sunday night, when we have been told to expect another crowd dividing show, The Thunderstorm Time, this is a cast ensemble with lightening as the lead and thunder as the supporting role - the ominous clouds provide the scenery with some fleeing birds singing the chorus. I don't mind the play, as long as I can watch mostly from my air conditioned home, with front row viewing only occasionally.

With the Sun playing loudly every day, I decided to watch from the shade of my kitchen, as I baked something sweet to nibble on during intermission. I should note that I waited two days to photograph these as I was too busy eating them. The photos don't do them justice as the ones shot were cold from the fridge, turning their fudgy, moistness dry and firm. But believe me, these are anything but dry and firm.

ease: 4.5/5.
prep time:
18mins to oven stage.
cooking time: 20mins (I cooked them for 25 which was a touch too long).
total: 38mins.

taste: 4.5/5. Straight from the oven your nostrils are showered with the milk drinking sweetness that only a cookie can bring. The base is chewy but soft, with a lovely doughy centre, a hybrid between cookie and cake. The next layer is indulgent and all semi-melted chocolate, soft and tongue coating. Lastly, there's the sweet, caramel meringue topping that covers the slice like a low flying cloud, occasionally allowing a brief glimpse of coffee coloured chocolate peaks or even cakie (cookie/cake) valleys.
It is sweet without being overwhelmingly so. Even after two days they are still good. Although take them out of the fridge a good 30mins before you want to eat them as the cold turns them hard and dry (like you see in the pictures). Note: you may need to add extra liquid to the cookie base, and perhaps a lighter hand with the chocolate.

would I make them again: Yes.

recipe: Halfway cookies


  1. They sound good. Unfortunately I can't see the pictures because I am at school!

  2. These look really, really good, especially the meringue topping.

  3. I love Lindt chocolates! Those cookies look so tempting...



  4. Bring on Sunday I say! Love the crackly tops of the cookies. I cant believe you baked in this heat!

  5. so lovely! Saw the cookies over on kitchn therapy, they look amazing!

  6. lovely. what kind of lindt chocolate is that? or are these my eyes playing tricks on me?

  7. I can't quite remember, I think it was a 'milky' one where the outer layer is milk chocolate with a milk cream filling.