Thursday, April 1, 2010

Butternut pumpkin risotto with walnuts & sage

The mornings shift ever so slightly further into shades of grey.

The light that softly shakes the sleepy-webs from my eyes is now as gentle as a grandmother's fingers, wrapped in silver clouds and morning dew. Although it's long after dawn, that pre-dawn stillness fills the room, the light barely seeping in through the cracks, my husband still sleeping - only the harsh summer sun with it's drums and symbols can wake him with its morning raucous.

I finally feel that Autumn has settled in, shaken the trees and washed down the earth as it settles into its armchair, and exhales a fresh breeze. Today, I pulled on my cable knit cardigan, brushing it against my cheek as I buried my head within its collar like a turtle into its shell. I feel as if the world stops spinning for these three short months, and I can finally plant my feet and breathe.

I also love that my body craves comforting, nourishing and satisfying food - all warmth and substance. To me, butternut pumpkin risotto is Autumn-food personified.

ease: 4/5. Multiple steps and time intensive.
prep time: 30mins to make puree, walnuts and get ingredients ready.
cooking time: 35mins.
total: 1hour & 5mins.

taste: 4.5/5. You butter-nut skip making this dish.

I had a good feeling about this dish from the ingredients and pictures along, and my gut instinct was right: absolutely delicious and interesting dish.

The sweet butternut pumpkin plays wonderfully with the aromatic sage, salty Parmesan and crunchy walnuts.
The rice itself has that beautiful al dente texture and the perfect amount of creaminess and sauce. I don't want to smother you with adjectives and superlatives so I'll be succinct - this is a very yummy risotto, and you would be wise to try it.

I kept everything pretty much as is, except I added an extra 2tbs of pumpkin puree to the risotto. Next time I would also add more sugar and less salt to the walnuts. Also, there is no need to season the risotto once done, it was already perfect. 

would I make it again: Yes, this very week.

recipe: Pumpkin risotto


  1. Your writing is always so captivating, and I love your honest reviews. The risotto looks incredible!

  2. A splendid risotto! That combination is lovely!



  3. so poetic. i love your words and the color of your tasty risotto. great post. :)

  4. agreed. gorgeous color.

    i'd love it if you would follow my blog!! it's called "Peasant Girl" and is devoted to changing the way American women approach food and adopting a more traditional approach to meals and what it means to eat "healthfully".


  5. I woke up this morning seeing I had tons of hits from another blog -yours! Thanks for the link. I agree with all your suggestions, definitely add more puree and add more sugar to the walnuts.... and use sage leaves. It looks fabulous!

  6. I like every component of this and the gorgeous orange colors. Wonderful dish!

  7. i think that the winter has set in and i think that i am going to subsitute sage for Thyme.It is also all that i have right now and the snow is much too deep to veture out.
    i will let you know how it works out.