Saturday, May 8, 2010

Zucchini soup

I seem to have hit the proverbial peak.

I feel as though my energy is slowly tumbling down the hill headed for the inevitable burned-out ditch. May is bursting at the seams; all of the events struggling to remain within the hessian sack as I carry it from room to room, day by day. The gentler Birthdays get shoved below as Mother's Day elbows its way to the top; it likes attention. The work-related tasks sit heavy at the bottom, like lumps of coal, they know they'll get their turn regardless of where they lay, their weight ensures that - as no one wants to drag them around for long.

At eight days in, the sack hardly feels lighter. With 3 birthdays, 1 Mother's Day split into 2, and an extended family BBQ still to go, this month is a little overstuffed. Couple that with more work (thanks for the dive Mr Stockmarket), and a new time-intensive side project I'm feeling a little thin around the edges.

It's times like these that previously enjoyable activities, like cooking, suddenly begin to look like chores. Just when I was reaching for the take-out folder my mother stopped by with a bowl of soup. A nicely warm, clover-green zucchini soup. She wanted me to take some photographs, and I in turn got dinner, a pretty good trade if you ask me...

As I didn't make it, I won't be rating it but I will try to explain it's flavour...
If I had to describe its taste I would say it's simply zucchini - this soup is soft and subtle with the delicate mild grassiness of the zucchini intertwined with luscious cream. There is a background sweetness bestowed by the onions and garlic but they merely strum quietly in the background. Zucchini is one of those vegetables, that when cast alongside others it blossoms, but if given sole responsibility for the flavour of a dish it tends to shy away. I thoroughly enjoyed this while I ate it, but a day later its taste eluded me, like a message washed from the sand by the surge of the ocean. Perhaps someone can better describe what zucchini soup tastes like...

recipe: Zucchini soup


  1. so your zucchini soup tastes like zucchini. all is right with the world. :)

  2. Beautiful photo. Love the presentation of the soup. I think that when you have good ingredients, it's the cooks job to let them sing, and taste of themsleves. Cheers!