Friday, August 12, 2011

Chocolate ice cream

I must remove my hat and bow my head in apology for my tardy post. This week has seen me dusting and cleaning with a vengeance in preparation for my baby shower this weekend. With limited mobility, it has taken double the usual time to shake out the house and make it sparkle. The good news is I am on the home stretch with only a few items left unchecked on my to-do-list. The even better news is that the ice cream I began on Monday has finished its bloom and is now ready to consume. Despite making me wait five full days I don't resent it one bit as it, like your one true love, is worth the wait.

ease: 3/5.
prep time: 40mins.
freezing time: 4-5days.
total: Approx 5 days.

taste: 5/5. Nothing compares to this dark beauty.

The raves for this ice cream are too numerous to mention, which piqued my interest but still left me slightly dubious as to their legitimacy. Well, in this instance, the masses were right. This ice cream is enigmatic and deeply chocolaty with a rich, creamy texture that leaves you struggling to decide whether it's yummier straight out of the freezer or left to soften around the edges. I used Amarru's Nero to make mine, as the type of dark chocolate you use will determine the flavour.
I added a pinch of sea salt to mine to further sharpen the chocolateness.

would I make it again: Yes - already have :).



    This looks amazing.

  2. Oh no... I wish I didn't see this...

  3. Oh my God this looks so amazing!!!

    Im dying, I can't have chocolate cause it upsets my baby girl :(

  4. Should you be climbing and cleaning lady? That looks really good. I love chocolate ice-creams!!

  5. I can't imagine having to wait 5 days to eat ice cream, but if you say it's good I believe you, and damn does it look good!!! I will have to try this as I absolutely adore chocolate.

  6. My other half has been wanting to make icecream, I think this is the one we will be making. However if you have an equally good vanilla, please point us in that direction.

  7. Must try this. It looks so rich and inviting! How could one resist chocolate ice cream?