Friday, December 9, 2011

Sweet potato pancakes with spiced pecans & peach butter

Short and sweet today as my little one is teething and finds solace only within my warm embrace.

ease: 4/5.
prep time: 2hours to overnight.
cooking time: 10mins.
total: 2hours & 10mins.

taste: 4/5.  Razzle dazzle pancakes.

I won't lie, these pancakes take a lot of preparation, but if you are organised enough you can do it all the night before for an easy peasy morning that's worth the work. I was a touch worried these would be too sweet for me but alas they were just the right level of sweetness. The potato makes the pancakes deliciously moist with pizazz from the warming spices. The pecans add crunch and kick with the peach butter bringing a blast of summer tang. I would definitely recommend serving the pancakes with the peach butter as they make the dish.

I halved the amount of butter and subtracted a tablespoon of sugar as I wanted more peach, and I would do the same the next time around.

would I make it again: Yes.



  1. These sounds wonderful and perfect for this time of year. Love the sound of the pecans - yummy!

  2. just gorgeous. I love me some pancake razzle dazzle ;)
    Heidi xo

  3. Love the sound of this. I imagine that these flavours would work so well together.

  4. this looks delicious! Good luck on the teething front too!

  5. Wow. I love these. I don't mind the preparation time as long as I can do it the night before.

  6. Wow, these look amazing!!! The peach butter sounds fantastic...I'd make it with nectarines though!

  7. Eeps! So much to do! I can't do it, but they do look amazing!