Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chocolate, pear & vanilla tart

One year has passed since I held my daughter for the very first time.
One year since I became a mother and learned the real meaning of true love.
One year filled with more happiness, fatigue, love and amazement than the twenty five before it.
For me, this year has passed much too fast.

Each day I try my best to lock every moment I spend with her safely in the vault of my heart. For I know that soon, the particular squeal she makes when I 'find her' will disappear. And the way she smiles so proudly as she hands me whatever crumb, coin, paper remnant she has found on the floor will soon fade away. For she will never be as young as she is today, and with each day that she changes, some things are lost to make way for the new.

But today, which never held any significance to me,  is now so utterly precious since it became the day my daughter was born.

Although you will not read this dearest daughter, I want to wish you a wonderful birthday. I wish that life will give you more happy birthdays than you can dream of, each one more magical than the last. I wish that I will be there to share them with you and to help you blow out your candles until you can do it yourself. And most of all, I wish that one day, you will love someone as much as I love you.

Happy Birthday Valentine


  1. Oh, I hope you print this off and save it for her later.

  2. This looks so amazing. I just went apple picking today, I wonder if apples would work or this is more of a recipe just for pears. Jess