Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Orders were on the light side today, so Ryan and I took a leisurely afternoon stroll down Mailing Road in Canterbury. Our first stop was the olde lolly shop where we picked up some Reece's Peanut Butter Cups and a bag of boiled Raspberry Drop lollies.

Our next stop was to a quaint little paperie store filled with gorgeous ribbons, wrapping paper and journals. I purchased a small pink notepad with the Eiffel tower and tiny paisley motifs printed on it to send out Thank You notes for all of the wedding presents coming in (a creme brulee set complete with blow-torch was the first to arrive, so I shall finally get to make a creme brulee). I also picked up a gorgeous journal with a collage of Paris on the cover as I thought I should start afresh considering I am now married (plus my old journal was a little bit too girly for me).

We cut the stroll a little short as Ryan, still believing that Summer should mean it's hot, didn't put enough layers on for today's cool temperature of 18C. As dinner is at my dad's tonight, I thought I'd use my free time to make something for dessert. I had some incredibly stale brioche in the pantry so I set out to find a suitable recipe. I stumbled unto Delicious Days and spent a good hour reading the lovely recipes when lo and behold, a solution to my brioche search. Although cherries are in season, I do not as yet have a cherry pitter, so I used a bottle of morello cherries.

ease: 4.5/5.
prep time: 25mins. 20mins for pudding and 5mins to make cherry syrup.
cooking time: 30mins. Mine was already a little burnt by this stage - it depends on your oven.
total: 50mins.

taste: 3/5. If you like bread pudding type desserts you'll love this, if you don't then you'll hate this like my dad did. It was nice, but nothing special and I wouldn't serve it to guests, home alone in front of the telly it's comforting and pleasant. The cherry sauce is a must otherwise it's a little sweet and bland, the tart cinnamon liquid brings it to life.
I had to use more milk as my brioche was only half soaked with the 200ml. I added a little lemon juice as well as my remaining lemon had already been almost completely skinned. I used one dish rather than individual ramekins as it was easier to transport this way.

would I make it again: No - unless I have stale brioche.



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  2. yay im on the blog!
    let me know when your getting through your journal. i used to make, dye and bind leather journals, ill make you one :)

    p.s im going to try and make this on the weekend, im thinking of using quince instead of cherries, what are your thoughts?

  3. I would maybe poach the quince with some sugar, cinnamon, star anise and cloves to get a nice liquid you can use to pur over the pudding - let me know how it goes.