Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Torn tomato salad with goat's cheese

This recipe has been bookmarked for quite some time, always shelved for another day, another meal. As I wanted a few sides to go with the Truffle & white bean soup I thought this dish would finally have its chance.

Summer is the time for tomatoes - it's tomato time. I have a particular fondness for vine ripened organic cherry tomatoes; a perfect sized snack, with loads of flavour in every seed filled burst (just make sure your mouth is sealed shut or you'll have red flecks everywhere).

Sherry vinegar is also a favourite of mine, it adds a sublime dimension to salads, much more so than red wine vinegar. The combination of tomatoes, sherry vinegar and goats cheese was too mouth watering to pass up.

ease: 4.5/5.
prep time:
cooking time: 6mins.
total: 21mins.

taste: 4.5/5. I made a few adaptations:
  • I sliced rather than tore - didn't want to ruin my apron :) and I also thought the texture would be less appealing if they were all squished
  • I only squeezed some juice out of a few slices, about 2 tbs worth
  • I used 1tsp of salt and let it sit for 10mins
  • I could not find a mature goats cheese, so I bought another goats cheese
  • I used regular shallots
This was really lovely; the sweet and tart sherry vinegar sauce melded beautifully with the luscious tomatoes whilst the soft, mellow goats cheese helped to cut through the tartness and added a different sweet note. Perfect combination.

would I make it again: Yes, the same way I made it this time.

recipe: http://gourmettraveller.com.au/torn_tomato_salad_with_goats_cheese.htm

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  1. my drool bucket just over flowed
    i think me and yoshi could be brothers at this stage.
    this looks goo-oo-ood!