Monday, February 23, 2009

Well deserved rest

There will be no recipes to post today as I am still recovering from yesterday; my year-in-the-making Wedding Day. Although there were a few last minute hiccups (cupcake company was sold 1 week before the wedding along with a last minute flower change as two types of flowers were destroyed in the heatwave) the day ended up going really well and every one of my 49 guests said they had fun. I have posted a sneak peek with a few photos my dad and his partner took - I shall post some more once the official photographs are ready.


  1. congratulations! lovely photographs.

  2. it was the best wedding ever and i think i had more fun than anyone there. i got some nice videos ill share you guys next time i come over. by the way, the cookies were to die for, i was devistated to find that i forgot mine at the reception. what a disaster, i was planning to keep a piece on me for the next few days!

    p.s shout outs to ryan for his speech making everyone cry. thats heart funki muuuunnki!