Monday, October 5, 2009

Lemon, Poppyseed & Yogurt Tart

This weekend was stuffed liked a stomach at a 12 course degustation.

Apart from our work hours on Saturday we also managed to squeeze in shopping, errands and another visit to my grandmother Sofia's house for more recipes from her kitchen (results coming soon). Luckily we were blessed with copious amounts of sunshine and an extra hour of sunlight thanks to daylight savings to get everything done.

This tart was meant to be eaten on Sunday, but as its particular recipients were not attending Sofia's kitchen part II, I stored what I had begun to assemble in the fridge and rescheduled its baking for the following day.

This morning 8:50am truly felt like 7:50am and I was a little sleepy eyed and wobbly on my feet (you might think a 8:50am wake up is late, but I realise that once the tiny stomping of feet come along I will never be able to sleep in anywhere close to 8-something, so I am enjoying it while it lasts).

After driving my husband to work I spent a good hour or so nibbling through a bowl of yoghurt and home-made muesli pondering what I should do today as I caught up on a weekend's worth of blogs. During my regular opening of the refrigerator door, I spied with my little eye a half-made, postponed tart desperately waiting to be made. It might not have been intended for my tummy, but in 45mins it would very well be heading there.

ease: 4.5/5.
prep time:
1 hour & 30mins (includes chilling and thawing time).
cooking time: 45mins.
total: 2 hours & 15mins.

taste: 3/5. This tart was originally baked for my gluten-free in-laws,however they cancelled their visit and it was left for me and my sugar-loving husband to eat.
I am not a fan of the texture of rice flour, I find it too 'gritty' so the base wasn't to my taste at all. Whilst the light, airy filling was pleasant, I would have loved more lemon, and probably more sugar for my sweet tooth. For a very healthy dessert it is lovely, but I love my naughty treats so I didn't enjoy this as much as people who actually have a gluten-free diet probably would.

would I make it again: No - I have plenty more gluten-free recipes to try that I might love as well.

recipe: Poppyseed, Lemon Yogurt Tart, the French way


  1. The tart looks so good that it deserved a recipe for passing on.

  2. A wonderful tart! A well deserved treat!



  3. Sounds like clean and pleasant flavors..delicious!

  4. despite the pastry not being that nice, I just love how it rises well about the filling.

  5. I think your photos are wonderful and I am up for trying a non-gluten free version of this recipe. I even blogged about it here: