Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Apple & Calvados trifle

Tiny bells tied to red ribbons dangle from golden bunny necks as the children run between us, their chocolate pets firmly in their grasp. Easter is upon us once again; and this time it has brought a distant cousin from Miami to share in the feast.

It is funny how although essentially strangers, our shared surname made the transition from stranger to family practically instant. Conversation flowed and smiles were genuine; our younger cousins called her by name as if she had been here all along.We discovered which facial features were shared by our families, mine here and hers in America and that we have two avid kemence players, my cousin and her brother.  It was wonderful to share Easter with her and to know, should we ever find ourselves in Miami, that there will be a friendly face to make us feel at home.

I have been 'saving' this recipe for a special occasion, and how fortunate that it was not only used to celebrate Easter, but also to welcome a relative from halfway across the world :).

ease: 3.5/5.
total time: 2hours & 15mins (inc cooling and soaking).

taste: 4.5/5.  A mere trifle just won't do.

I only got a tiny sliver of this as my family completely decimated it within seconds - some were onto their second serving before I could even put the serving spoon down.

I'm not going to lie, this was a lot of work and I had to enlist my husband to help so that it would be ready in time for Easter lunch. The flavours complimented each other, and overall the flavours are subtle, preferring a flirtatious wink rather than a rowdy catcall.

My father would have liked his sponge to be a little more booze soaked, another 2tbs would have sufficed. Whilst I found it quite strong regarding the alcohol (I don't drink) others didn't even realise it was spiked.

The apples are wonderful (perhaps an extra one or two next time with a touch more cinnamon), but I would have loved more custard, perhaps an extra 50% as it gets lost. And double the amount of cream, you really need that light fluffiness it brings.

And do NOT skip the almonds - they add such a glorious textural element as well as taste that the trifle would just become dull without them.

would I make it again: Yes - with the modifications.

recipe: Apple & Calvados trifle


  1. A wonderful trifle! Those are awesome flavors!



  2. Such an interesting trifle! I've never seen one made with apples, which must give it quite a crunch, along with the almonds.
    It looks beautiful and very light and spring-like!

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  4. I've been lucky to meet a few people in life who I just know we were destined to be friends from the first meeting. I am glad you found someone like that too! That trifle looks gorgeous and is a sure way for her to know you cherish her! :)

  5. well, it sounds like you had a wonderful easter, and this trifle is exactly elegant and lovely enough to be worthy of such a celebration. i can certainly see why you insist on the inclusion of almonds--that subtle flavor and massive crunch are not to be trifled with! (groan.) :)

  6. A comment from one of the lucky ones that actaully sampled this devine dessert.. I would have had more but it dissapeared in seconds. The flavours worked wonderfully together - I especially loved the almonds. Thanks Chanel.. Im more than happy to try this again anytime you feel like bringing some over ;-)
    Aunty H xx

  7. I have been eyeing this recipe for years on the GT website. Thanks for the suggestions!

  8. Holy moly! My mouth is watering just looking at that trifle. Well done!

    p.s. I think that the fact that you were unable to fully enjoy the fruits of your labour means you need to make it again! Yum!

  9. that is one mammoth trifle! I cant blaim your family for completely destroying it in record time!!

  10. I can imagine how delicious this must've been. I'm so glad you guys got along so well with your relative.