Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Outrageous brownies

6:55am. I brush the cobwebs from my eyes whilst blindly searching for my fluffy robe, wrapping it around me as I make a path through the pre-dawn darkness to my back-door. I wasn't waiting long. It was a subtle one today, barely made a sound with its hay coloured ears, lullaby blue belly and rose-hued slippers; it was such a peaceful way to start the morning that I plan on doing it again tomorrow. I doubt I will be bored, as a sunrise never plays the same tune; a new morning means a new painted sonata to listen to.

Watching a sunrise was on my list of life goals; experiences or tasks I wish to accomplish in this life. It was number 39 to be precise. The next randomly chosen item on my list was to start gratitude journal (#99, and so far I am enjoying it and foresee that it will be a habit I shall keep). I aim to complete one item from my list every month and if I finish what I have written and I can think of no more to add I will compile them into a photobook - a photograph next to each number, so I have a memento of what I did in my life.

To reward myself for completing two items I decided to make my favourite, indulgent treat ever - deeply rich and fudgy chocolate brownies. There ain't no better reward than a brownie.

ease: 4.5/5.
prep time: 18mins.
cooking time: 30mins. Refrigerate once cooled to firm up, then slice.
total: 48mins.

taste: 4.5/5. Best brownie yet.

My ideal brownie is rich, with a fudge like center - no cakey ones for me thanks. Despite overcooking these for 5mins (toothpick kept coming out dirty but I realised that they just needed to be refrigerated to firm up) they came out great.
The crackled top gives way to a dense, cool chocolate core with broken walnuts buried within it's fudgy centre. My photos don't do them justice - check out the original photos to get a better idea of its dark middle (mine are also lighter as I used a 54% dark chocolate as hubby can't handle the dark side).

They are smoothly sweet without being sickly sugary which makes it far too easy to eat more than one consecutively. Out of the fridge they are quite firm, when eaten warm they tend to fall apart. Although not my perfect brownie, they come pretty close.

would I make it again: Yes. Unless I find an even better recipe.

recipe: Outrageous brownies


  1. Oh my word! Look at your gorgeous photos! And the leaves.....well, I know it sounds weird but I LOVE leaves. Probably because autumn is my favorite time of year and I can't wait for it to be here! But back to your brownies, yours look perfect. I checked out your dessert selections on your blog and was pretty impressed. Awesome job. And you are a fellow Scorpio. Yeah!

  2. how funny, I made brownies yesterday too!! Yours looks fantastic.

    I absolutely love your list idea with the photo to go along, I think that it so sweet!

  3. OMG, those shots look amazing and so do those Brownies!



  4. I love the juxtaposition of the fall-colored leaves with the nutty brownies!

  5. ah, an ideal reward indeed! this is just the kind of motivating creation i need to get started on my own list!

  6. Your blog is so beautiful. I love your photos, the recipes and the voice in your writing so much!

  7. I found your blog from foodgawker. Your writing is beautiful and I love your photos. They're amazing!

  8. Oh, those do look so good. I have yet to find a perfect brownie recipe. I think I will be trying the Cooks Illustrated ones. Before I do I need to try this recipe. They look perfect!

  9. really pretty photos!
    I made this brownies few times and they are my favorite :)

  10. Whenever we go to the mall, my friends and I always stop to brownies store..We buy together, go to our house and watch movies while eating brownies all the way...

  11. The recipes calls for a lot of ingredients! how did you halve yours? Can you write it down for me please? As I would love to make sure I make it right! Thanks!

  12. The recipes calls for a lot of ingredients! how did you halve yours? Can you write it down for me please? As I would love to make sure I make it right! Thanks!

  13. No problem -
    225g butter
    225g choc plus 170g choc chips
    85g unsweetened choc
    3 eggs
    1.5tbs instant coffee
    1tbs vanilla extract
    1 1/8th cup sugar
    3/4cup flour
    .5tbs baking powder
    .5tsp salt
    1.5cups walnuts