Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Black forest mousse

Of course, I photographed my own glass, which was the dodgiest one. I assure you, the others were beautifully layered and much more appealing.

My energy has waxed and waned like the sea's edge lapping at the shore.

Some moments will find me fluttering to all corners of a room like a fairy high on Pixie Dust; enthusiastically humming to upbeat tunes whilst scrubbing counter tops with all the enthusiasm of the kids on Glee combined. And then comes the low of lows trough, in these moments, I will be hidden beneath layers of bed sheets, consciously ignoring the suns persistent knocking on my window as it peers between the blinds whilst calling me out for pretending not to be home.

As much as I'd love to raise my eyebrows comically, hands by my ears and with a shrug say 'I have no idea what's causing my energy-fluctuations,' I cannot. One look at my food-intake of late and you'll be shaking your head and waging your finger at me. My stomach has entertained all kinds of cakes, tarts, chocolates, pastas, chips, dips and everything bad for my hips. I think it's time I got off the sugar train and made a reservation for Veggieville. But before then, I'll be hosting a final party in my belly for some chocolate peeps and maybe a few cookie bros. To kick it off, let me introduce you to Mrs Mousse - such a sleek and silky lady :).

ease: 5/5.
prep time: 6mins.
total: 6mins.

taste: 4/5. Simple - but impressive and delicious.

I recently chose this to finish a dinner party, I wanted something really quick and easy, so I could hastily get back to the guests, but I also wanted it to look special and taste lovely. The flavours are classic black forest - chocolate, cream, cherries and a touch of alcohol. Obviously if you are going to use a store bought chocolate mousse, make sure it's good quality, same goes for the cream. Needless to say, everyone enjoyed it.

would I make it again: Yes. Super easy and quick.

recipe: Black forest mousse


  1. That mousse sounds delicious - definitelt perfect for any sugar craving!

  2. A wonderful mousse! So irresistible.



  3. I can must imagine how creamy this would taste. Black forest flavors are a favorite combination of mine though oddly I've never tried the cake itself.

  4. What an awesome summer delight!!! I can almost taste the creaminess! Great post and lovely pics! So glad I found ur site!

  5. God, that looks good. I totally know how you feel re. energy, though. I'm suffering from the same, currently, which I think is a combination of working too much, eating too much sugar and drinking too much coffee to keep me buzzed when I'm at work, coming home and crashing out.

    Sucks, right? Let me know how you sugar detox goes. I'll probably have to join you on that soon... but maybe I'll make this first...

    Jax x

  6. Looks and sounds beautiful. Your pictures are always amazing, not a dodgy one in sight :P

  7. definitely simple, definitely impressive, and definitely delicious. what an awesome creation!

  8. And I bet this takes less time to make than the hours my dad spends making his special black forest cake!

    Nothing wrong with a stop in veggieville, but we all know the Pastry Town is really the happiest place in the world ;)

  9. Oh this looks divine- black forest is my ultimate favourite flavour combo. So sensual...I can so hear Barry White in the background when I look at this

  10. Chocolate mousse in 6 minutes? I bow to your awesomeness.

  11. Oh man this looks delicious! And your photographs are beautiful! Everything here looks great!
    I recently launched my own blog, I'd love for you to check it out and let me know what you think! :) Thanks!

  12. If thats the way to say goodbye to some of your sugary friends, I want to come to your next party!!

    Looks divine!

  13. Mmmm... this looks so sinfully delicious! Love it against the dark royal purple background.