Monday, June 6, 2011

Rhubarb, raspberry & rose tapioca pudding

May and June see me covered in mountains of wrapping paper, ribbons and tape; it is the Time of Birthdays. With both of my parents, as well as my husband's parents, and a dozen friends and relatives thrown in it becomes a bit of a party whirlwind. Last night was my Uncle's 30th where we dined on Turkish dips and meat packed skewers and were entertained by fiery belly dancers, twirling in blurs of beads and silk. Although it is a lot of fun, I am officially worn out. Today I wish nothing more than to drape myself over my couch whilst leisurely flipping through a magazine and slowly eating something by the teaspoonful.

My post-party recovery time has also been a little longer than usual due to something wonderful; hubby and I are expecting our first baby this September. Currently protruding out at 6months I can say I have been one of those fortunate, annoying women who have a completely easygoing pregnancy; no nausea, back pain or weird cravings, and so far I have not yet had to buy any maternity clothes, but my maxi dresses have begun to be put on heavy rotation. The little one (we do not know the sex, and as a pedantic organiser it is driving me nuts!) has been a dream to carry, only giving a few kicks at bedtime whilst I read. It has truly been a wonderful experience and I am so excited at the thought of meeting them and getting to know who they are and how they see the world. I am also curious to see whether the foods I have been eating during pregnancy will have any bearing on the foods they prefer later in life...

ease: 4/5.
prep time: 15mins.
cooking time: 30mins.
total: 45mins.

taste: 3/5. Delicate and dainty.

The tartness of the raspberry and rhubarb played well against the floral rose, crunchy pistachio and soft vanilla tapioca. I think my expectations of this dessert were a little high, as while it was pleasant it wasn't particularly exciting to eat, a touch too 'vanilla' for me.

would I make it again: No.



  1. Im not a big fan of tapioca, but i love vanilla, rosewater, and pistachios!

    You look so cute with your little bubba bump. And your SO lucky that you've had an easy pregnancy so far. My pregnancy has been the total opposite!

    I have been told, by the older ladies in my family, that girls are difficult to carry, and that boys are easy! So you may be having a boy lol Good luck no matter what the bub is :)

  2. ^^ I have been a lucky goose :) And everyone has been having a field day guessing the sex! At first everyone guessed girl but many have now changed to boy. I myself really have no idea, not a single dream or inkling, if I HAD to choose than perhaps I'd lean to boy - but obviously I will be thrilled with either!
    Do you know what you are having? Or are you thinking perhaps a little girl since your pregnancy has been a little rough?

  3. Congrats! You look magnificent.

    That is a delicious dessert! I love the picture.



  4. My goodness!! Congratulations, lovely! I am so excited for you. I cannot wait until this is me in a few years. Hopefully I get lucky with no terrible symptoms too. Maybe the bub will be born on my birthday?! (the 23rd). hehe. I wonder whether I'll have cravings too...I anticipate some food aversions. It's all so fascinating.
    Heidi xo
    p.s. What a beautiful pudding you made also. I love the sound and look of it.

  5. Amazing! I recently discovered both rhubarb and tapioca! The combination is a blast!
    Congrats on your upcoming motherhood! :)

  6. Congratz .... you looks so cute with that bulge :) The combination looks delicious.

  7. Congrats, my dear! You look great in the photo (love those colors) and I'm glad you haven't had too much discomfort at all. Loving the photo of this pudding, too. Gorgeous gorgeous color!

  8. That is one good looking dessert! Love the flavor combo!

  9. Yeah I do know what im having but hubby and I are keeping that to ourselves till baby is born ;)

    I knew from the beginning for some reason, I just had a feeling what I am brewing in here, and as it turned out I was right!

  10. Congratulations on your pregnancy and yummo @ that pudding! That is gonna be one well-fed child!

  11. Congratulations!! Oh, how wonderful :) And what a gorgeous dress, too!

  12. aw, congrats! this is happy news, and i'm not at all infuriated that you've been having an easy pregnancy. :)
    love the pudding, and not just for its alliterative title. :)

  13. Congrats and you look gorgeous!!! Love the baby bump!

  14. Congratulations!! The baby bump suits you! :) I can't believe you don't have to wear maternity clothes as yet and lucky you for having an easy pregnancy!

  15. A stunning pudding! Linking back to this today :)

  16. I must ask - where is this gorgeous dress from??

  17. It is from - I think they still sell it