Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tuscan Bean Soup with Crunchy Croutons

Winter is the season for soups. And croutons are the best part of soups. After a long, nerve wracking day I wanted to cook something super duper quick and easy with minimal mess. This is the recipe for that.

Some Facts About BEANS:

  • Beans were an important alternative source of protein throughout old and new world history, and still are today.
  • Some kinds of raw beans and especially red and kidney beans, contain a harmful toxin (the lectin Phytohaemagglutinin) that must be destroyed by cooking.

EASE: 5/5.This is the quickest recipe I have come across, with the Chicken Pasta Bake a close second.
Prep Time: 5mins.
Cooking Time: 10mins.
TOTAL: 15mins. Minimal prep, and you boil the soup and bake the croutons at the same time.

TASTE: 4/5.
I used dried thyme, which was a little strong, would use less next time. I used. Vegeta Stock which is a little too salty for this dish. Otherwise it has a great texture. I ripped up turkish pide for the croutons and I grated some Grana Padano on top.

Would I make again: Yes.
So quick and easy - will be used on those nights you want something filling but want it fast.


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