Sunday, June 1, 2008

Leek & Zucchini Risotto with Sundried Tomatoes

I haven't put up a post in a while, simply because I have forgot to take pictures and also because I couldn't be arsed. After sleeping for most the day, I woke myself up to cook dinner. As my last leek dish of the season (Ryan's had at least one leek dish a week for 3 months now) I picked a risotto because I wanted to cook something that didn't involve frying and 3rd degree burns.
Side Note: In case you were thinking, well that serving is small, I only dish up a tiny amount to take the photo. Once that's done I pile kilos onto each plate - we're really not into the 'fist size portion' theory.

Some facts about LEEKS:

  • is a vegetable which belongs, along with the onion and garlic to the Alliaceae family (lethal to dogs).
  • The leek was the favorite vegetable of the Emperor Nero, who consumed it most often in soup.
  • Dried specimens from archaeological sites in ancient Egypt, as well as wall carvings and drawings, led Zohary and Hopf to conclude that the leek was a part of the Egyptian diet "from at least the 2nd millennium B.C. onwards
Ease: 3.5/5. The most time consuming part of this dish is having to stir it whilst adding hot stock for around 15-20mins. Prep: 10mins. Cooking time: 20mins. 30mins total.

Taste: 3.5/5.
Not bad, had to make quite a few adjustments. I halved the recipe for two people, however I did still use around 1.5litres of stock, as arborio rice is one thirsty biatch. I also used 50g of Parmesan - still not cheesy enough for me. Doubled the semi-dried tomatoes as well - they added a nice sharpness to a creamy dish. Stirred through some pine nuts at the end to add some crunch.

Would I make again: No. Only because I prefer my triple Parmesan risotto better.

Recipe here:

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