Saturday, August 16, 2008

Honey-baked pear breakfast crumble

Saturday morning breakfast time! (Well 11pm would make it more a brunch thing). Although I usually reserve the big brekky's for Sunday I thought I'd make it today instead. I got ready to make it and realised I did not have the mandarin juice - so I substituted by adding extra lemon juice, which may have changed the taste of the recipe.

EASE: 3/5. Middle of the road - crumble was fairly easy, but the pears were a little bit of a pain in the ass.
Prep time: 12mins. Preparing the pears and getting all the ingredients ready is time consuming.
Cooking time: 40mins. The pear syrup takes around 25mins - mine didn't work as written, I was a little too cautious so I kept the heat low and ended up with a liquid rather than a syrup. The crumble only takes around 6mins to nuke the butter and brown the bread before tossing together (which is done while the syrup is on). And it took around 15mins to brown and crisp in the oven.
TOTAL: 52mins. Almost an hour - and you have to let it cool a bit before eating.

TASTE: 4/5.
Very sweet, I imagine it would be sweeter with mandarin juice rather than lemon. Mine was more soupy rather than syrupy, but it still tasted great. I used organic Australian Rainforest honey - I originally wanted to use orange blossom honey as I thought it would compliment the pear better (but I accidentally dropped it). The crumble is not as crunchy and hard as most crumbles. I doubted the use of bread and therefore used only 40grams and increased the oats to 70g. The bread however was quite nice. I used an organic wholemeal sourdough. If you like a more generous coating of crumble double the amounts as it is quite a sparse covering. It is nicer served with yoghurt as you need something to cut through the sweetness.

Would I make again: No.
A little too sweet for me and I do prefer apples to pears when used in a crumble. But I would recommend it. Perhaps more as a dessert than a breakfast.


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