Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tiramisu Cake

This was a different twist on the traditional Tiramisu - it doesn't really taste anything like a Tiramisu.

ease: 3/5. It gets a 3 as there is no baking. But you have to whip egg whites, beat eggs, melt chocolate etc. So there are quite a few steps before you put it in the fridge to chill.
prep time: 20mins. You have to do the steps individually then combine everything. Uses up quite a few bowls.
cooking time: 4 hours to overnight. I let mine chill for 4 hours and it was pretty much set.
Total: 4hours 20mins (inc chilling time)

taste: 3.5/5.
I didn;t like this after 4hours as the biscuit fingers were dry, however, the next day it was MUCH BETTER, the fingers were moist and it tasted better. The only resemblance to Tiramisu was the Marsala taste and the fingers. I would recommend soaking the fingers in the coffee (increase amount of coffee) before placing in pan. Chocolate and marsala were the main flavours.

would I make it again: No.
Would rather do a normal Tiramisu.


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