Tuesday, March 24, 2009

French chocolate brownies

Dentists & Orthodontists - for four years I saw them more than my extended family.

I was not so fortunate as to have straight teeth. For a while I tried to learn how to speak and smile whilst showing as little teeth as possible. My parents eventually decided that perhaps I should get braces so that I didn't always look so serious. After four years of braces, plates and now permanent retainers glued to the back of my teeth, I have a huge smile that I don't feel embarrassed to show off.

I still go twice a year to both the dentist and orthodontist for check ups, my husband on the other hand had not been in over 6 years. Knowing the value of keeping your original teeth I tried to persuade him to go to no avail. Until one day a tooth ache came along and he finally made an appointment. Well that appointment turned into four, an example of why you should take special care of your teeth so as not to have to get fillings four times in one month. Being the caring wife I drove him to all appointments and sat with him, sometimes for two and a half hours whilst his teeth were fixed.

Today was the final appointment (thank goodness, I was running out of reading material). The dentist told hubby to try and steer clear of soda - coke is his favourite drink. Although after meeting me he reduced his consumption to once a week as I am a water drinker and pushed my preference onto him. I don't drink teeth-attacking drinks such as soda, coffee or red wine; sugary treats however are my Achilles heel.

I love brownies, especially the really fudgy, barely held together kind. One look at the picture with this recipe and I was already eating them in my mind.

ease: 5/5.
prep time:
cooking time: 45mins.
total: 1 hour.

taste: 3.5/5. My brownies were more like cakes! I baked them for 45mins and the only modification I made was increasing the cinnamon to 1/2tsp (I also omitted the steps involving the raisins). I might try them again and cook for only 35mins maybe.

would I make it again: Yes - I shall give them another shot.

recipe: http://bakersbakery.wordpress.com/2008/06/03/twd-french-chocolate-brownies/


  1. I must say that these photos are just amazing! so so beautiful!

  2. I love brownies! Great photos!!

  3. hmmm... I wonder why they turned out cakey? It could just be a difference in ovens!