Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oreo fudge bars

Aren't Public Holidays one of man's greatest inventions?

I absolutely love long weekends; as we work Saturdays, Sunday is really our only day off, which means it is used to catch up on the 6 days of housework I haven't done. With long weekends I get that blissful Monday, where there is no housework that needs doing, nor any work that must be done. Ahh, like a mini holiday. In preparation for a Monday spent reading or catching up on recorded TV shows, I thought I would make a really indulgent snack. Keeping with my chocolate enthusiasm I thought these Oreo fudge bars would be the perfect Long Weekend treat.

ease: 5/5.
prep time:
cooking time: 22mins to cook and 30mins to cool in fridge.
total: 34mins (not including cooling time).

taste: 4/5. These are basically crushed Oreos with melted chocolate on top, which was a little disspaointing as I was hoping they would have more of a brownie texture/taste.
Modifications I made:
  • I used a 9x11inch baking pan
  • I used 350g of Oreos - with 8 put aside to crumble on top
  • I melted just 1/2cup of white chocolate to drizzle.
I kept the other measurements the same. Keep them in the fridge as when the chocolate is solid it is nicer to eat than when it is melting.

would I make it again: Yes (amended) - at first they were too sweet but after hardening up in thr fridge I kept going back for more.



  1. Beautiful photos!!! My husband loves oreo anything so Im certain this would win him over! :)

  2. I agree with Jennifer, this is a beautiful photo. My husband the photographer says it is perfect. We also love the looks of the bars, pass the milk...

  3. this is decadent!! i love it! if i had that whole bar (and a couple more) with a jug of milk, i'd be in heaven. x

  4. These look so good! Sorry you were disappointed in the recipe, but 'oreos drizzled with chocolate' sounds a-ok to me :)

  5. Thank for all of the comments on my photos :) It is especially kind considering I have little experience in photograpy.

    Carson - these bars were delicious, my husband polished three off yesterday alone - and they are actually 10x better after a night in the fridge (still a teensy bit sugary for me) But yes, if you love Oreos then these are fab.

  6. OH, I love these bars. They are sweet indeed and nothing like a brownie. They are rich and fudgey with Oreos on top. I love Oreos, so they are a winner to me!

  7. Oh, they look good. Great shots as well.

  8. They look great. Everytime I've seen these I wonder what I haven't made them yet.

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  10. Can someone reply to this? I would like to make these for my boyfriend in the military so I would have to ship it to him (in tight tupperware of course). Do these things dry out fast though? ): I wanna make something really good like this for him.

  11. It's worth a shot. I kept mine in the fridge so I can't be sure