Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Buttermilk pudding cake with maple peaches

At 8:25pm the temperature outside still lingers over 30C - suffice to say I have spent a large amount of time inside, doing close to nothing, mainly involving the couch and air conditioner - my hot-weather-friends.

Despite my warm surroundings, I always feel like I need something sweet to neatly finish off the day's eating - my nightly sugarcap if you will. Normally I will eat a succulent piece of Summer fruit, most often the stone-pipped variety. Tonight, after a rough day, both hubby and I needed something more. Something capable of alleviating the stifling heat and soothing the day's earlier disturbances with its heavenly deliciousness.

And this little pudding, well, after one bowl I feel nothing but relaxed and gratified - thank you Mr Pudding, thank you very much.

ease: 4/5.
prep time: 11mins.
cooking time: 28mins (do peaches while it cooks). I used two 1.5cup ramekins - I would recommend a 22minute mark check as they were already a touch overdone by 28minutes.
total: 39mins.

taste: 4.5/5. A very pleasant surprise.

In all honesty, I chose to make this dessert to use up the small remainder of buttermilk I had in the fridge, I did not have very high hopes for it. But once I lifted the tray out of the oven and saw the heart-tweaking golden brown souffle-esque puffy rim, standing triumphant and proud, I began to doubt my previous assumption.

After tumbling the glistening, amber drenched, rubenesque peaches over its supple, ivory body, I plunged my spoon into its softness and greedily gobbled away - and let me tell you, it was sublime.

The buttermilk pudding is a sigh-inducing combination of al dente bronzed crust with a light and spongy outer edge that encases a softer, almost custard-like centre. The flavour is as subtle as breathing, only slightly tangy and only barely sweeter, it provides the perfect base upon which the tart and deep maple soaked peaches can shine without overwhelming your taste buds. A great combination.

I used peaches rather than raspberries and I am thankful I did, as I believe that raspberries are much to punchy for this delicate pudding, the peaches had just the right amount of acidity.

I halved the recipe but used 2 eggs - it was perfect for two people. After checking on their progress at the 28minute mark I snatched them out of the oven as they had already bronzed more than desired and any longer may have been to the detriment of the supple pudding.

Be warned - it does collapse within 1minute of being removed from the oven - I ate mine 3 minutes after removal and it was lush.

would I make it again: Yes.

recipe: Buttermilk pudding cake with maple raspberries


  1. Delightful! That is a splendid combo!



  2. ach--you have such a way with words!! the flavor is as subtle as breathing? rubenesque peaches tumbling over a supple, ivory body? gadzooks, i want some of this and i want it now! :)

  3. Wow--looks awesome. I can't say that I've seen peaches in the markets around here. But perhaps pears or apples would be nice too...

  4. Yummy, it is delicious and i want ice cream! But i have been hibernating for the past week with bad coughs… though I will make it soon.

  5. AMAZING pictures! I love maple, anything maple...I need to try this soon! I saw this on tastespotting.