Friday, February 26, 2010

Fig & goat's cheese pizzas

It seems I've gone 'fig crazy' (that is a rather paper-thin attempt at mimicking the phrase, stir crazy).

Figs are the 'falling stars' of the fruit world; blink and you might miss them. Due to their fragility they are also quite pricey which is why I have decided that the first fruit tree I plant will be a Fig Tree. Until the day when I can happily pick my own, I buy a dozen or so each week to use almost immediately. Some my husband eats adorned, juices dribbling down his stubbled chin. The ones I safely hide from his greedy fingers I make into something sweet or savoury, they work beautifully in either camp.

Hubby actually chose this recipe, as initially, HE was meant to make it, and whilst he did help, I ended up taking over as I just can't bear to watch him fumble around in my kitchen. Yes, it's MY kitchen and I don't like to share it.

ease: 5/5 (especially if you use  a store bought pizza base, which we did).
prep time: 8mins.
cooking time: 8mins.
total: 16mins.

taste: 4/5. Simple but satisfying.

I was hesitant about using a tomato passata base to go with the figs, but hey, it worked. The tangy tomato went well with the sweet fig.
The first flavour that hits you though is the lingering liquorice of the fennel seed which gives way to the successful fig/tomato pairing before the gooey, salty cheeses and crisp pizza base wrap it all up. I made two medium sized pizzas, one for each of us. Hubby didn't like the fennel that much as he preferred the fig to be the lone star of the show, but I enjoyed it more.

would I make it again: Yes.

recipe: Fig & goat's cheese pizzas


  1. What a beautiful pizza! A perfect flavor combo!



  2. Oh chanel, I love your blog, I really do! Your photos are fantastic!!
    I love figues too - I just had breakfast with homemade rye bread, homemade figue confiture and chocolate chips (not homemade :P).
    I was thinking a while minutes ago that figues are so versatile: kummel, cardamom, rosemary, almond, apple, philadelphia cheese, raw ham, and goat cheese too... They fit well with a lot of different flavours!
    I like them on pizza. Nice idea!

  3. Thankyou so much for your kind words Rosmarina, you brought a much needed smile to my face :)

  4. i just can't get over the beauty of sliced figs! i've never seen them first-hand, so that's probably why i'm so smitten. this must be a tasty and flavorful pizza pie, and it's definitely a looker!

  5. What a beautiful pizza! I don't like goat cheese, so I think I'd use brie cheese instead.

  6. I love figs and wish I had my own fig tree, too. The fennel seed is a thoughtful touch that I bet really brings the figs and goat cheese to new heights.

  7. I'm visiting your blog really accurately and I like very much what I'm seeing ;)
    And then, I have some relatives in Australia and I love your country (and pavlovas too!), so that's another incentive to visit your blog :)) See (ehm, write as well) you soon!

  8. First of all, gorgeous photograph. This is a real showstopper of a pizza. As for getting territorial about the kitchen, I can completely relate.

  9. oh that pizza looks amazing!! fantastic combination, goats cheese and figs!

  10. My oh my - what a mouth-watering photo. How I wish I had some fresh figs right now.

  11. In Italy we have a saying: "Mica pizza e fichi!" that means roughly "This is not like pizza and figs!". The meaning is strictly negative, it means that what I'm talking about is not "poor" as pizza and figs (inexpensive food for farmers).
    *end of the cultural corner*

    Honestly there's nothing negative about your gorgeous pizza! I'd LOVE to try that :D