Friday, May 14, 2010

Pomegranate, cucumber, feta & mint salad

Do Not Disturb.

If you could read my thoughts, that would be orbiting around me in neon lights like Saturn's belt. No subtle pastels or Miss Universe sashes, just a CLUB X style, in-your-face sign. The phone is on vibrate, so don't bother callin' either because as the GaGa would put it, I'm kinda biz-ay...doing crap all.
That's right folks, today I am doing neither housework, paid work, errand work or even brain work (apart from typing these few words). I have two weeks worth of tv shows lined up and mugs of tea to drink during and I do not wish to be disturbed.

All was going well until hunger managed to knock on my tummy door persistently enough halfway through finding out Castiel is now human (wtf?) to get me off my bottom and into the kitchen. I had three decent looking guys to get back to in my living room so I wanted something quick, yet tasty and satisfying. This salad was exactly were Dean, Sam and Cas...

Pomegranate, Feta, Cucumber & Mint Salad
serves 4 - 6

    * 2 pomegranates
    * 200g feta
    * 2 Lebanese cucumbers, diced small
    * 1/3 cup mint leaves, roughly chopped
    * 2 tsp sumac
    * 1 tbsp red wine vinegar
    * 3 tbsp extra-virgin
    * olive oil
    * Salt

Break open pomegranates and remove seeds (I like to whack mine with a rolling pin). Crumble feta (I prefer to use creamy Greek) into largish pieces. Combine seeds, feta, cucumbers, onion and herbs in a large bowl.

When ready to serve add the sumac, vinegar, oil and salt and toss to combine. Best served cold.

ease: 4.5/5.
prep time: 10mins.
total: 10mins.

taste: 4/5. Never a dull mouthfull.

I knew from the ingredient list alone I would love this. (Side note: how much does that green plate NOT go well with the salad, this is what happens when you rush things, live and learn).

The first taste I got was the cool, crunchy cucumber flecked with salt bathed in the lemony-dressing. Then came the creamy, tangy goat's cheese followed by the juicy, tartly sweet pomegranate rounded off with the refreshing mint. Like the Awesome Foursome, there's no odd ones out. I enjoyed eating it so much I went back for seconds, and my husband's left over firsts.

I omitted the red onion, tomato and corainder from the original recipe.

would I make it again: yes.

recipe: Pomegranate, Feta, Cucumber & Mint Salad


  1. Very fresh and flavorful! A lovely combo!



  2. I disagree, I think the plate works beautifully with your salad. I have a pomegranate in the fridge and feta -- so am going to knock something similar up. Thanks for the inspiration and have also wanted to play with sumac.
    sam :-)

  3. Oh yum! Love this salad. Poomegrante arils give it such a kick too!

  4. I have never tried pomegranate in salads but i really love to use pomegranate molasses or syrup...sweet and tangy, it's delicious...

  5. the colors are reminiscent of christmas, which, incidentally, is when i catch up on all the shows on which i've gotten behind. :)

  6. If you work in would be a perfect entry for our Quickies Challenge. The dish looks fantastic.


  7. This looks like the perfect salad!! And I, for one, like the green plate. Now, get back to your TV watching.

  8. OMG, the picture is stunning! I think I have to agree with Sam. They're such a perfect match. Really eye catching! Btw, you've such a beautiful blog. Have a great weekend.
    Cheers, Kristy

  9. Beautifully colourful and interesting ingredients... this simple salad sounds so very good!

  10. two weeks of nothing?! How I envy you!! I actually dont mind the green plate, it brings out that awesome hue of the pomegranate.

  11. what a delicious combination....beautiful this recipe....I'm going to give it a try :)