Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Smoked Trout and Kipfler Potato Salad

Fish - not something I would go for usually. However, a while ago I tried some smoked salmon and actually liked it. Not long after that I was at a restaurant and I saw Smoked Ocean Trout on the menu - I thought, well if I like smoked salmon which is a pink fish I might also like smoked ocean trout which is also pink. As I am slowly phasing chicken out of my diet, as for some reason I no longer enjoy it (which may be because it was the only meat I ate for 13+ years) I figured I should replace it with another high protein food, so I have begun to eat more fish; started off with tuna, progressed to salmon, and am now trying out trout. As Ryan is not really a fish person, I thought I would choose something with lots of potatoes (his favourite veg) and a masking sauce with dill.

Some facts about DILL:
  • Its seeds, dill seed are used as a spice, and its fresh leaves, dill, and its dried leaves, dill weed, are used as herbs.
  • In the Middle Ages, dill was thought to protect against witchcraft.
  • Dill can also be used to help cure both insomnia and bad breath. Sometimes dill is made into a tea to help cure an upset stomach.
  • Is used to describe a person whom acts or participates in a laughable, foolish or bombastic manner. i.e You are such a dill Tom.
Ease: 4/5. Apart from peeling the potatoes and eggs there's not much prep - probably spent around 15mins actively cooking - 45mins all up.

Taste: 4/5.
I made the mistake of leaving the eggs on the stove and came back 45sec too late - so I ended up with hard boiled eggs rather than soft. I also didn't leave the sour cream out long enough to get runny. Otherwise I liked this dish. The heavy flavours and textures of the potato and trout are lightened by the clean, fresh sour cream and dill sauce. The flavours combined really well, and if the eggs had been runny it probably would have tasted even better. Ryan also ate it (except for the yolks).
I used packet smoked ocean trout - so all I had to do was break it up with a fork. I doubled ingredients for the sauce, however, I used 9 kipfler potatoes which was too much, 7 would have been more than adequate for 2 people. I also forgot the toast - will remember to add that next time.

Would I make again: Yes.
I will tweak a few things and rectify my mistakes. But it was an easy fish dish with nice flavours and very filling.

Recipe here:

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