Saturday, July 11, 2009

Semolina porridge with orange rhubarb compote

I awoke this morning to the ill tempered wind, banging at my window like a toddler in the throws of a surly tantrum, trying to get my attention.

The clouds hung low, their gloomy sullenness carved into their bulging gunmetal faces; obviously in cahoots with the petulant wind. Together they stomped and wailed, whipping nature's debris into miniature whirlwinds and dousing the house with lashings of wet, unpleasant showers.

Even my adventurous dog, accustomed to the occasional drenching, did not want to venture outside during this episode. With very little light sneaking through the clouds domination over the sky, we all felt a little dormant and dull, huddled in our couch corners like hermits in their shell.

My favourite antidote to awaken us from our wintry slumber is a bowl of something warm, sweet and mushy. I didn't feel like oats today so I thought a more refined substitute was in order. Semolina and I go way back, and to this day, it has never failed to cheer me up.

ease: 5/5.
prep time:
cooking time: 12mins.
total: 15mins.

taste: 4.5/5. The comforting warmth of porridge with a much more luxuriously smooth texture. I absolutely loved this (my porridge hating hubby on the other hand only rated it a 3). The texture was soft and a little toothsome, with hints of orange zest and sweet honey. I made the following modifications:
  • I only used 1/4c honey as I didn't want it too sweet
  • I added 1/2tsp vanilla bean paste
  • I used 1/2 an orange zested
To add more flavour to the vanilla, honeyed semolina with hints of orange bitterness, I topped it with this orange rhubarb compote. I felt the tart and tangy rhubarb went beautifully with the mellow, sweet semolina.

would I make it again: Yes - hubby will just have to suck it up. I would also add some cinnamon and cloves next time to give it some warmth for winter as well as a whole vanilla bean.

recipe: semolina porridge with candied cumquats

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  1. It was so clod yesterday! I HAD to go outside and the wind just chilled me to my bones. If I had eaten this awesome porridge for breakfast I would have been sure to be warm all day long!