Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Triple chocolate praline tart

Do you ever have those days where you say, to hell with it, I'm going all out?

Well today I was feeling decadent, and decided that for dinner with my family I would make rich, creamy, over-the-top foods, sure to satisfy your taste buds and no doubt expand your waistline. My kind of food :). To follow a Cauliflower Pecorino soup (highly recommended) I thought what better than a TRIPLE chocolate tart - you can never have too much of a good thing.

I apologise for the photos but as you can imagine, everyone dived into this and I had to take photos of the remnants that managed to survive the next day. As a whole tart it really is gorgeous looking, the chocolate ganache topping is super shiny (obviously without the cling wrap marks in the photos). To make it a little snazzier you could probably put a little gold leaf in the center.

ease: 3.5/5. Takes a long time.
prep time: 2 hours & 35mins - to the blind baking stage.
cooking time: 5 hours - they recommend 1 hour for the final chilling stage but after 2 hours it still wasn't set, I would probably recommend 3 hours.
total: 7 hours & 35mins.

taste: 5/5. Oh My God - this tart is freakin' divine! Everyone loved it, as they would. It is a chocolate lovers dream. The bitter chocolate crust is like a cookie in texture, it gives way to crunchy, hazelnut toffee milk chocolate center which melts on your tongue upon impact, and then the bittersweet ganache topping comes in and brings it all together. It is the sort of tart you keep making trips to the fridge for. Well worth the HUGE amount of chilling time.
I made the following modifications:
  • I used Lindt milk chocolate
  • I did not bother to roast and skin the hazelnuts
  • I used a raw cocoa (could not find Dutch process)
  • A side note: my crust was a little dry and crumbly, but I kept it as written.
would I make it again: Do you need to ask?

recipe: Triple chocolate praline tart


  1. I saw this in my copy of gourmet traveller and its on my list to make. It look divine and your description makes me want to go home and bake it right now!

  2. OMG, that tart looks so luscious! A wonderful recipe!



  3. Luscious! The photographs are perfect too!

  4. The cake looks perfect, nice one! How did you find the reserved praline you finished it with? I once made a similar thing with macadamia and while the flavour was great, the texture was probably too crunchy, almost sand-like.

  5. OMG! What a perfect tart... So long to prepare but I can imagine the result...

  6. The praline mixed in with the chocolate gives the tart a slight crunch - the remains that I scattered on the top were a little sticker but after a night in the fridge it softened up and was nice to eat.

  7. oh my goodness!! this looks absolutely amazing. I need to make this right now!! =)

  8. O.M.G. omgomogmg! haha. that has got to be devine!!

  9. Looks delicious...I anticipate falling over dead of a heart attack after eating it, but at least I would go happy.

  10. Amazing isn't even the right word - that tart is gorgeous. Beautifully executed, stunningly captured. Well done! I will definitely put this recipe aside for a special occasion.

  11. That looks so decadently chocolaty and good!

  12. After seeing this on your site, I bookmarked it for a dinner party that I am catering! Well, the party is next week and I am SO excited to make this. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

  13. Gold luck! You could even make it overnight to save time the next day - I am sure everyone will love it, it's a great recipe.

  14. You have definitely made me a "sinner" one more time! Just starring at your picture would make me feel comfortably eating this dessert, without feeling guilty about it!

    Just out of curiosity, when you follow the recipe's instruction for measuring the ingredients, did you use a scale to weigh everything or did you convert all the measurements to cups, tablespoons, etc. ?

    Thanks for sharing and for posting!

  15. I weigh or use cups depending on the recipe - prefer not to try to convert just in case I have a brain fart and mess it up.

    This recipe was all scale so that's what I used.