Sunday, December 14, 2008

Anzac tart with macadamia praline & cinnamon syrup

Last night I spent 15mins filling in almost every line of my diary (the schedule kind, not the 'why is my bf such a tool' kind) with chores and tasks to do today. At 1pm I have ticked off 4 things (which is pretty decent) including most of the prep work on the Anzac tart as it needs a lot of chilling time.
Sundays were my day of rest, but they have now become my day of finishing household tasks and getting a jump start on work. Although I am looking forward to when they revert back to being, 'catch up on tv' and 'eat junk food while watching movies' day, I get a great sense of accomplishment when I look back on my diary page filled with ticks. Getting stuff done feels just as good as doing nothing at all...well, maybe a little better :).

ease: 5/5. A few steps but they aren't hard ones, plus there's no baking involved.
prep time: 15mins - 5mins for the crust, 10mins for the filling and 10mins for the brittle. I did the crust first, and the filling and brittle at the same time.
cooking time:
7hours - they suggest overnight freezing. So you need to make this before hand.
7 hours 25mins - only 25mins active cooking.

3/5. I had it in the freezer for 7 hours but after 30secs of being out of the fridge it was melting faster than ice cream. The honey was actually a little overpowering, I didn't bother with the cinnamon syrup as the tart was already extremely sweet. The filling had an ice cream-like consistency but the crust was really hard to break through.

would I make it again: No.


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