Sunday, December 28, 2008

Breakfast apricot crisp

It is 30C and gloriously sunny outside; and I am indoors folding laundry. My partner however, is down at the beach with friends. I'm not sure if you could tell from those two sentences, but I am none too happy about being un-invited from the aforementioned beach trip, especially since I have not been to a beach since our trip to Hawaii 1year & 7months ago. After venting to my dad about my partner's missing 'consideration' gene I decided to cheer myself up. And no, doing laundry was not how I did it. I decided to do some baking; as it is Summer I thought Summer fruits would be most appropriate.

I didn't always like apricots. My yia yia (grandmother) had an apricot tree so we were given lots of fresh apricots to eat as kids. I found the apricots to have a weird sourness, that especially when dried, would fill my mouth with that 'just about to vomit' saliva, not very pleasant. As an adult I have gone back to vegetables and fruits that I disliked as a child and have tried them again. This year I thought I'd give apricots another try. I still do not like them dried, but fresh I can handle. However, I thought perhaps if I cooked them, and sweetened them then perhaps I would like them even more. We shall never be best friends, but they may make their way into my basket every now and again.

ease: 5/5.
prep time:
6mins to get everything into the baking dish - my oven took a little longer to actually heat to temperature.
cooking time: 20mins.

4/5. I used 1/2tsp of nutmeg which I am glad I did as it needs the spice. I used 5tbs of sugar in the crumble but I think I will use the full 6 next time. The apricots were still tart but the crumble balanced them out. I ate mine still warm with yoghurt so I wonder if they will be even nicer tomorrow as said in the blog.
would I make it again:
Yes - super easy. Next time I have apricots I will definitely make this.


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