Sunday, December 7, 2008

cranberry and orange compote with white chocolate mousse

Sundays are my favourite day as they are usually the only day where I have nothing to do, as Saturday I delegate to chores such as the weekly food shop, errands and house cleaning.
However as I was so busy yesterday most of those tasks were moved to today. I found myself at 4pm with some time on my hands while laundry loads were still going and dinner was 2hours away. So I thought why not make a fruity dessert to go with the fruity dinner I had planned.

ease: 5/5.
prep time:
15mins to make compote and chocolate mousse - make sure chocolate has cooled before adding to whipped cream.
cooking time: 1hour - I chilled mine for about 1hour 15mins before serving.
1hour 15mins.

2/5. The mousse looked exaclty the same as Tartlette's but was really awful for some reason; I used Callebaut white chocolate and organic fresh cream so I don't understand why it tasted a little odd. The consistency was also a little chalky, not very velvety which is how I like my mousse. Shame, becuase it is such an easy and quick mousse recipe.
I knew I'd have trouble finding anything other than dried cranberries being Australia, but I managed to track down frozen cranberries at Leos; thanks Leos, you really are awesome. The compote was also quite bitter, maybe a little too much orange zest. No one had more than a spoonful of this, what a waste of good ingredients :(.

would I make it again:


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