Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chamomile, peach & ginger smoothie

Spring cleaning for me means emptying fridges and flipping mattresses, for some family members it means overhauling their diet most likely beginning with a detox for a 'kick start'.

As I mentioned a while back I had a yukky bout of gastritis which my doctor hypothesised might have been due to my highly acidic diet (read: sweets, grains & starches). In my attempt to try to eat more alkaline I discovered that my father and my father-in-law were both attempting to also eat alkaline (albeit to a much higher extent than I - sugar and flour, we shall never part).

For them this included a mother load of vegetables, fruits, green drinks, certain minerals and tonics. Maybe in the future I might show their devotion to truly 'cleanse' my body, but in the mean time, I will stick to eating fewer sweets, and attempt to implement healthy meals/drinks such as this smoothie.
ease: 5/5.

prep time: 5mins.
total: 5mins.

taste: 3/5. As the smoothie was hot from the tea I added some ice cubes to cool it down quickly and it made it a little watery so hubby didn't like it at all.
If you have time I suggest putting it in the fridge to cool rather than using ice cubes so you don't lose the flavour and texture.
The chamomile is the main flavour in this followed by the subtle peach before the strong ginger comes through. It was nice, but too much like a tonic than a smoothie for me (plus Ryan won't drink it again).

would I make it again: No.

Chamomile, peach & ginger smoothie - from delicious. - February 2005, Page 62

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