Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fuji apple spice cake with cream cheese frosting

Apples are the Cinderella of fruits.

They are often overlooked and under appreciated, lying forgotten in the fruit bowl; they aren't flashy or exotic and are most often neglected or passed over. However, given a chance, they shine when baked into sweets or when paired with meats and salads. Give them a chance and you will be rewarded, trust me. I was guilty of being an ugly stepsister, labeling apples boring and not interesting enough for my trolley. Everything changed once I baked them into my first apple crumble, since then they have become the jewel in my fruit bowl.

It is no secret that I have more than a mere fondness for the acid green Granny Smith with its luscious tartness to rival any amount of sugary sweetness.

Oh no, I've done it again.

I guess I have forgotten my lesson and been quite snobbish to other apple varieties that should also be deserving of my attention. It might be a little late, but at least I can rectify the error of my ways and give some other apples a go, who knows, there might be an apple dearer to my heart than my lovely Granny Smith.

Today it's Fuji's day to shine, let's hope this cake allows it to.

ease: 4/5.
prep time:
cooking time: 1 hour (includes 15mins cooling time)
total:1 hour & 25mins.

taste: 3/5. Surprisingly this wasn't very moist. I was also wishing for more apple chunks as no one realised it was an apple cake by taste alone.
The spices were too subtle and the cream cheese frosting super sweet. It was like carrot cake's ugly stepsister. Poor Fuji got locked in the cellar :).

would I make it again: No.

recipe: Fuji apple spice cake with cream cheese frosting


  1. A fabulous cake! So scrumptious and toothsome!



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