Monday, September 7, 2009

Dark Chocolate Tart with Gingersnap Crust

Photo taken when tart was cold from refrigeration - when warm the chocolate looks like mousse.

Where have I been? Five days since my last post is quite a stretch for me, I like to post regularly, daily if possible as I am always churning something out of my kitchen so the chances of one being lucky enough to have it's photo taken is quite good.

The lack of posts has been due to the lack of enjoyment in my food lately. My blasted digestive system is not playing ball with me at the moment. I haven't had much of an appetite, which for me is absolutely horrible as I love to feast.

My stomach is still quite grumpy, but that hasn't stopped me from making something sweet for Father's Day. I could not simply have my father over for tea without offering him something to glide his fork through in between sips. To counter the tummy aching effects the chocolate would no doubt cause me, I found a recipe that included ginger, which for me is an effective digestive aid that settles my tummy and satisfies my appetite.

Blood test results should be back soon, I hazard a guess that I might be lacking in some trace mineral or perhaps my refined sugar intake is just too high. I may just have to limit myself to making one sweet, not-so-healthy treat per week *sigh*.

ease: 5/5.
prep time: 10mins.
cooking time: 30mins.
total: 40mins.

taste: 4/5. This tart is to be eaten warm or at room temperature. It is lusciously thick and densely mousse-like in texture and only the purest of creamy chocolate in taste. The crust juxtapositions this by being incredibly crunchy, crumbly and with a ginger kick. I did find however, that the crystallised ginger almost overpowered the chocolate, and most definitely smothered the crust's subtlety. I love to eat chunks of the sugared rocks, but with this they are a little too rough in their robustness.

would I make it again: No - and only because I feel that the Triple chocolate praline tart has simply ruined me for any other chocolate tart.

recipe: Dark chocolate tart with gingersnap crust


  1. This looks so decadent!
    Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Ginger and chocolate go very well together! That tart looks so scrumptious!



  3. I LOVE Gingersnaps! Never seen a tart variation, this looks great!

  4. I am SO SO sorry about your tummy. Did you get tested for gluten intolerance (celiac disease), my husband has that... I hope you have answers soon!
    This tart looks amazing, I love the contrast in the ginger and chocolate.