Friday, December 12, 2008

Warm and nutty cinnamon quinoa

Berries still slightly frozen

I occasionally pick up a magazine once a month on my weekly shop, the ratio of what I buy goes something like this:
  • 90% food magazine (Donna Hay & Gourmet Traveler are my favourites)
  • 5% Women's Health (I used to read my dad's Men's Health when it came, I like the small facts and tidbits)
  • 3% house magazine (Trends, Luxury Homes etc)
  • 2% fashion magazine (normally InStyle)
Whilst the majority of my magazine recipes come from food-specific publications, I have grabbed the scissors numerous times to slice out some healthy recipes from Women's Health. After a while I noticed that in every issue there was at least one recipe containing QUINOA. This was something I had never had as none of the local large supermarket chains stocked it. I really wanted to try this out as it has a high protein content, which is great for a veggo like me.

After spotting a few blog recipes containing it as well I thought I'd give my 'best hope' supermarket, Leos, a try. After looking on every shelf for 4 aisles I thought I was out of luck, when lo and behold, there it was, amongst some cracked wheat, bulghur and other 'specialty' grains, seeds etc. I was overly ecstatic - now I could finally try some of this healthy stuff.

ease: 4/5. A little more time consuming than most brekky recipes.
prep time:
2mins to rinse quinoa (important step as it removes saponins which give it a bitter taste) and prep other ingredients.
cooking time:
22mins. Only around 3mins actively cooking.

3.5/5. The quinoa was like a a cross between oats and cous cous in texture, but still quite soft. It had a mildly nutty taste which I liked. I didn't mind this recipe, my partner didn't really like it although he ate most of his bowl. I used a selection of frozen berries instead of fresh blackberries (cost factor) and honey instead of agave nectar (couldn't find it) I will definitely try some savoury recipes but I will also try it as a breakfast option again.

would I make it again: No - not this recipe but will definitely try some more quinoa recipes.


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