Saturday, January 24, 2009

Asparagus & triple cream brie pizza

I should name today Super Saturday, in honor of all of the errands I managed to tick off my list, and before 6:30pm I might add.

Along with the obligatory food shop, I felt like going to Jones the Grocer for my gourmet ingredient fix. Whilst there I picked up some truffle salt and some truffle oil. Eager to use them immediately I scoured my recipe files and found the perfect summer nights dish, complete with a sprinkling of truffle oil (and a dash of truffle salt for good measure).

ease: 5/5.
prep time: 6mins. I used a pre-made pizza base, as I am inherently lazy.
cooking time: 12mins.
total: 18mins.

taste: 4/5. I loved this, although the asparagus didn't cook through for me, you see mine are a little stockier than Not-Quite-Nigella's. Ryan on the other hand took one bite before pulling an 'icky' face and pushing his plate away. Yes, this is how a 24year old man let's me know he doesn't like something. Perhaps if the asparagus was a little more tender, he may have had two bites.

would I make it again: N0, only because I cannot eat a whole one myself.


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