Thursday, January 22, 2009

New beginning

With the changing of a year, my life has undergone some dramatic changes. I felt it only natural that my blog also change with me.

Chanel's Couzina started in response to my partner's tendency to forget what I cooked him. As time progressed it became handy when family members asked for recipes for something they had eaten and liked. I liked being able to look back on my cooking accomplishments and it motivated me to spend even more time in the kitchen. Along with food, it also sparked my interest in a long forgotten hobby; photography. With my already-beloved Canon on its way be prepared for more pictures per post. Above I have taken some pictures from my garden and below I have posted some of my beautiful dog, Yoshi.

As for the name change, I submitted a list of potential names to a trusted few and Greedy Gourmand was the winner (by 1 vote). Let me know what you think about the new title and changes :).

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